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CHECK IT OUT: Classic Alice


Am I cheating for including a webseries here? Maybe, but Classic Alice has great ladies and is written and produced by women as well. Plus, it lasts almost as much as a short season of a cable show would!

20150106160815-GreenShow: Classic Alice

Created by: Kate Hackett

Starring: Kate Hackett (Alice Rackham), Tony Noto (Andrew Prichard), Elise Cantu (Cara Graves)

Original “Premiere” Date: March 4, 2014

Status: Finished “Book 7.” They’re trying to fund Books 8+!

… is a young graduate student that has been way too passionate about television ever since she was little. While she insists she doesn’t have a specific type of show, they all usually have strong but flawed lady characters, some derivation of the stubborn friends-in-love/friends-to-lovers trope, and they all make her yell at her tv a lot. She just wishes she had more hours in the day so she could actually write about this.
You can usually find her on Twitter, Tumblr, and at cassidy at thankyoulizlemon.com

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