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Flashback Friday: VERONICA MARS

Courtesy UPN/CW

It’s a noir teen drama about a teenage private detective and the seedy underbelly in her hometown of Totally Not San Diego, California. How could it go wrong?

Readers, it didn’t. (Mostly.)

Veronica Mars might not have had a long tenure on the airwaves, but it packed a punch while it graced us with its presence. It had a female protagonist who was smart and strong, yet who was not without her flaws, making her all the more human. It had a wonderful cast full of  TV veterans and newbies alike, who perfectly blended to bring Neptune, California to life. It wasn’t afraid to be gritty, on a network best known for love triangles and homework woes. (Not that Veronica Mars didn’t have its share of those, too.) Simply put, it was unlike anything else on television at the time, and I’d argue there hasn’t been anything like it since.

A long time ago, we used to be friends, but then you got canceled and we didn’t hear from you for a decade.


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