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THE MISSELTHWAITE ARCHIVES Exclusive: Showrunner Aileen Sheedy chats about the series, the fans and more!


Calling all Misselthwaite fans!

Are you already missing Mary, Callie and the Sowers since the series ended its run last week?

Don’t despair, because showrunner Aileen Sheedy was kind enough to talk to us about such thrilling tales as what it was like shooting at the mercy of the elements in Oregon, how the Cat Cam came to fruition, Mary and Declan’s future and the fans’ reactions, representation, and the experience of women filmmakers in a male-dominated field.

Inspired by other internet sensations like The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Classic Alice, Aileen Sheedy and her team set out to adapt The Secret Garden with a modern twist — not just by updating the story, but by ambitiously diversifying filming styles in the series to expand the Misselthwaite universe beyond the “vlog” tradition.

It turned out to be innovative in more ways than one. Not only did the glade become a character of its own, thanks to the stunning cinematic episodes, but the story choice reflected Sheedy’s own desire to feature women in starring roles in front of and behind the cameras.

“[It’s an issue] that I feel I have to address consciously because otherwise I’d only be contributing to the problem,” she says of her creative philosophy driving Misselthwaite, and it shows. Frustrated by the old boys’ club culture of traditional film sets, the director made a deliberate decision here to develop a story by women, for women, predominantly featuring women, which she plans to continue in her future endeavors. (Fighting patriarchy and turning the tide in show business, one series at a time!)  Given how we here at TYLL are especially dedicated to highlighting female-centric stories, we’re thrilled to celebrate productions like Misselthwaite for that reason.

The result is a unique take on a childhood classic, which isn’t at all short on production values or compelling drama. Click below to read the full interview and learn what it was like to build the show from the ground up — almost literally — and what influenced the production’s storytelling.


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