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THE WALKING DEAD Debriefing: Judas Priest


Previously on The Walking Dead: Our People meet the goofiest zombie apocalypse survivor ever in Gabriel, a Priest with a Secret. Rick, Michonne, Bob, Sasha, and Gabriel go swimming with walkers, which will probably become a big cruise draw ten years after the zombie apocalypse, while Carol and Daryl go after the car that kidnapped Beth in Season Four. Rick (well, Judith) decides that everyone should ahead with their road trip to Washington D.C. And fun fact: Bob’s leg feeds a family of five!

THE WALKING DEAD Debriefing: Bob Le Flambé


Previously on The Walking Dead: Carol saved everyone from hipster cannibals. Full stop.

Well, that premiere was quite a ride, wasn’t it? Ready for a segue episode?

THE WALKING DEAD Debriefing: Fine Young Cannibals

the walking dead season 5

Hey Everyone! Please give a warm welcome to our newest contributor! Mariana is amazingly witty and hilarious, and you should read everything she writes. Starting with this!

Previously, on The Walking Dead—Our People went from one seemingly utopian haven with a deadly secret to another seemingly utopian haven with a deadly secret, because apparently seeming utopian havens with deadly secrets are the new Starbucks of the zombie apocalypse—they’re freaking everywhere. Will Our People be able to take destroy yet another makeshift society with their own bare hands? Do you really have to ask?

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