These aren’t questions we are frequently asked. These are questions we’re frequently ask ourselves.

Why are you doing this?

Well, why the hell not?

No, seriously.

Okay, seriously, it mostly comes down to having too much time on our hands in the summer of 2013. Like our bio says, we love watching TV and talking about it. There are tons of websites out there who cover TV which we admire, and I guess this is a little bit of a nod to that? It basically gives us an outlet for Feelings, when it comes down to it.

Your name is so rad. How’d you come up with it?

You have Lucie to thank for that. One day, while mulling over the idea of launching a website, Nels was wondering what to name it, because a) she hates coming up with titles and b) obviously you need a name before you actually have a product. (Don’t they teach that in business school?) You see, Lucie is sassy, and as though she’d been on a vision quest, the perfect name for our site came to her in a moment of divine inspiration. Because if there’s one female writer we should all be emulating, it’s Liz Lemon. And we want to thank her for all the things she chooses to be.

We’re NBC and we don’t like you using one of our properties for your own profit.

Profit? HA!

Sorry. We aren’t infringing, honest. It’s an homage to one of our favorite ladies. We mean no disrespect.

(That being said, if you really are NBC or Tina Fey and want us to remove the name, we will do so. But, there’s gotta be more than one Liz Lemon in the world, right? Can’t we all get along?)

Why aren’t you watching [name show here]?

Beats us. There are only so many hours in the day, though. And most of them are spent doing things that are no fun like working or pulling teeth. We try! But, the reality is we need to connect with a show and its characters to want to talk about them, and the heart wants what it wants.

But seriously, [show] is awesome, you should watch it.

Hey, point us towards it and where we might find it, and we might give it a shot!

When do you update your site?

As the crow flies.

This didn’t actually answer anything.