BONES 12×11 Stills: “The Day in the Life”

BONES:  L-R:  Tamara Taylor and guest star Pej Vahdat in the "The Final Chapter:  The Day In The Life" episode of BONES airing Tuesday, March 21 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.  ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co.  Cr:  Ray Mickshaw/FOX

The end is nigh.

You’ll easily realize this seeing the events in the stills, and reading the synopsis for the episode. It’s hard to believe it’s all happening.

“The Day in the Life” airs on March 21st at 9/8c on FOX. In the penultimate episode, the characters’ final story begins to unfold – in many cases, it’s the payoff for their season-long storylines: Brennan testifies in Zack’s trial, Aubrey and Jessica come to terms with their future together, Angela has some big news. (And based on the fact Felicia and Michelle are back, it’s safe to say that Cam and Arastoo might finally make it official – see: all those twinkly lights.) Not everything is happy or hopeful: the team also finds out Kovac has escaped, so Booth will try to protect himself and those closest to him from Kovac’s most dangerous plan yet. (You can read the entire press release here.)

Some other people present in the episode are Avalon Harmonia (played by the wonderful Cyndi Lauper), Caroline,Christine and Karen!

Click through for the Bones 12×11 stills below!

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  1. […] As we’ve mentioned in the past couple of stills posts, the episode is the second part to 12×11. Per the press release/synopsis, the team will be still looking for evidence to track Kovac […]

  2. There are some new stills over at foxflash 🙂

    • Cassidy says:

      Thank you for letting us know! We had noticed a couple of days ago, but forgot to upload them. They should be there now 🙂 (If we’re missing any, please let us know!)

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