BONES 12×10 Stills: “The Radioactive Panthers in the Party”

It’s hard (and sad!) to believe, but we are down to the last 3 episodes of the show. The producers have hinted at the last two episodes being part of a two-parter, so this might be the last “standalone” episode ever. Let’s take a moment to savor that. (If it’s not, we will definitely do that next week as well.)

In “The Radioactive Panthers in the Party,” airing on March 14th at 9/8c, the team investigates the murder of an aspiring writer/director whose burned and bruised body crash-landed on top of a car. Elsewhere, Betty White returns as Dr. Beth Mayer, and Brennan seeks out her opinion on the meaning passion in the workplace. (Wendell is the squintern of the week!)

You can read the complete press release here, and make sure to click through for the Bones 12×10 stills below!

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