BONES 11×22 Stills: “The Nightmare Within the Nightmare”

Ominous! If that episode title doesn’t raise your alarms, then the following Bones 11×22 stills for the season finale might.

As you can read in the press release, the team attempt to find “The Puppeteer,” the serial killer we were introduced to this season that lived with his victims before disposing of them. At the same time, Brennan is dealing with the guilt over her retirement last season finale, blaming herself for not stopping him much earlier. Little does she know, she might be in trouble herself. (Which that bone-chilling cliffhanger Bones 11×13 ended on hinted at…) Also, as you can see in the stills below, Max is back! And so is Christine.

Click through for the Bones 11×22 stills. We hope to catch up on recaps soon, but we should have something on the finale that weekend!

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