BONES 11×20 Stills: “The Stiff in the Cliff”

In “The Stiff in the Cliff,” airing on June 23, the team must solve a murder to protect one of their own. Which one? Thanks to the Bones 11×20 stills, you’ll find that out soon enough!

Per the press release, the team has to determine whether the death of famous billionaire Henry Charles (whose remains were just found in Antarctica) was murder or not. When (spoiler alert!) it’s confirmed he was killed on an expedition ten years prior, Clark is in the suspect shortlist, as he was also a member of the expedition. Elsewhere, Felicia Saroyan (now played by Raney Branch) comes into town to help her sister with the wedding planning, making some old family friction resurface.

The squintern of the week is Wendell, and Christine will also make an appearance.

Click through for the Bones 11×20 stills!

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