BONES 11×18 Stills: “The Movie in the Making”

Michael Peterson and the other writers have described “The Movie in the Making” as a mix of Modern Family and Making a Murderer. If you caught a glimpse of the promo that aired after last week’s really solid episode, you had seen what they meant… If not, you can also see that in the Bones 11×18 stills below.

According to the press release, a documentary crew producing a tv segment on the Jeffersonian follows the team during a “typical” case (body found in a landfill, buried more than a decade ago). The camera crew captures normally unseen footage of the team at work, while the team provides some candid commentary providing some unique insight into the case as Brennan and co. prove their expertise and importance to the case, while Booth and Aubrey show their skills on the field.

You can check the rest here. Arastoo is this week’s intern, and Christine also makes an appearance. For the Bones 11×18 stills, click through!

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