BONES 11×16 Stills: “The Strike in the Chord”

It’s happened again. Fox posted the Bones 11×16 stills before posting the ones for episode 11×15 (airing next week!).

If you are looking for the last three recaps: They’re coming! It’s finals and graduation time, so it is difficult to get anything finished.

Airing on May 19, “The Strike in the Chord” investigates the death of leader of Lynwood University’s male acapella group, “The Whippersnaps.” He had recently kicked someone out, sending Aubrey and Booth to question to Ian and the other guys in the male acapella group, as well as the ladies from the competing female group to get a handle in their group dynamics. Meanwhile, some surprising information about Aubrey’s own college experience comes to light, Hodgins applies for an experimental nerve regeneration study, Booth tries to plan a summer trip with Parker, and a new (female) intern joins the Jeffersonian lab, played by BK Cannon. Read the complete press release here.

As you will be able to see in the stills below, Scott, Mitch and Kirstie from famous acapella group Pentatonix are on the episode, as well as Youtuber Sam Tsui and Grease Live‘s Jordan Fisher.

Click through for the Bones 11×16 stills…

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