BONES 11×14 Stills: “The Last Shot at a Second Chance”

BONES: L-R: Michaela Conlin, Tamara Taylor, TJ Thyne and guest star Laura Spencer in the "The Last Shot at a Second Chance" episode of BONES airing Thursday, May 5 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.  ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co.  Cr:  Patrick McElhenney/FOX

If you are wondering where the stills for 11×13 are, I have no idea either. But for now, we’ll have to do with the stills for the May 5 episode, written by fan favorite writer Emily Silver, “The Last Shot at a Second Chance.”

The case of the week deals with the murder of a convicted felon who had been released to a halfway house but had disappeared. One of the suspects has ties to Booth. (Not completely surprising: our favorite FBI agent has been to jail, too. Maybe the episode will deal with that!) Elsewhere, Brennan testifies at an FBI hearing about the circumstances regarding the assault of an unarmed suspect from a previous case — the outcome might lead to her suspension and prevent her from working with the FBI. Also, Aubrey and Jessica’s first kiss is delayed again, and Hodgins keeps pushing Angela away (uh oh).

(See the press release here.)

Click through for the Bones 11×14 stills, and check back later this weekend for this week’s episode recap!

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6 Responses to BONES 11×14 Stills: “The Last Shot at a Second Chance”

  1. The center is gone #Bones says:

    Where is Booth? Is Aubrey the team’s new F.B.I guy he spends more time doing F.B.I work then Booth gets most of the Lab scenes and squints scenes.

    • Thank You Liz Lemon Team Thank You Liz Lemon Team says:

      I wouldn’t worry too much. The stills are from but a few scenes at most of an episode, there’s still plenty of room for Booth to be around.

  2. Frankie707 says:

    I am so happy Bones is back on my TV and now we’re getting info (and photos) on a regular basis again. It sounds like there will be follow-up to that clip we got for the next episode up (12) with Brennan’s testimony here? That’s a good thing. 🙂

    A suspect with ties to Booth huh? You mention Booth’s time in prison and that brings up something I’ve wondered about since the S10 premiere…what happened to the guy who tried to help Booth when he was in prison?

    • Thank You Liz Lemon Team Thank You Liz Lemon Team says:

      I’ve totally wondered what happened to that guy, too. He seemed to be more important than just a cellmate, and we haven’t heard anything since.

      Totally looking forward to the “repercussions” from Brennan’s altercation, too!

  3. Sherry Wheeler says:

    I love Bones and I will watch the rest of the Series but I had such high hopes for the rest of
    S 11. It is making me So sad I can’t really enjoy the last shows of the Series like I wish I could.
    I lost a little of my fanaticism for the show when Hannah character was written into show, especially after Booth asked her to marry him. Now the people in charge are stealing a little more. So far what info I have read and photos I have seen the rest of S 11 is not what I hoped it would be going into S 12. The promo photos for EP 14 doesn’t even have one of B & B together. The further along into the season it seems there is less B & B together. Show them with some of the sexual drive they have for each other. Some passionate kissing, talking. Just because they got married didn’t mean they don’t still have that passion. They used to have more of that. Now the show seems to be all about other characters. H & A, C & A, alot of Aubrey, not why I watch the show. I like those characters but as supporting ones. I haven’t minded a show every now an then about them. The writers can give them scenes with up dates about what is going on with them. Don’t know if people in charge noticed that the less B & B together. The less viewers the show has. Give more of working case scenes to B & B instead of Aubrey and guest star. People I know didn’t watch fall finale because they thought another one of. the main characters was going to get killed. We were warned but still don’t like that the show is. going to focus alot on H & A for the coming up shows. Also we want Hodgins to be able to do his experiments and go out into the field. Hopefully the writers, DB, ED and others will think of their fans and give them what they want for the rest of the Series.

    • Thank You Liz Lemon Team Thank You Liz Lemon Team says:

      Sorry you feel that way. It’s always hard to realize you’ve drifted away from something you once loved.

      I would caution that the snippets from promos and photos are just that, snippets from the episodes as whole, and not representative of characters’ screen time as a whole, so I wouldn’t jump to conclusions about the show’s focus.

      That being said, I don’t see anything wrong with spreading the love around to the supporting characters in season 12, since they’ve kind of earned it this long into the show’s run, but that’s just my opinion.

      As for the other aspects, I’m sorry the show isn’t doing it for you, anymore. Everyone watches for different reasons, and the show obviously has a different take on things.

      – Nels

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