BONES 11×06 Stills: “The Senator in the Street Sweeper”

For a show set in DC, Bones hasn’t necessarily delved into the politics world as often as you would have thought. However, that will change on November 5th, when “The Senator in the Street Sweeper” airs.

As per the press release (or the title), we can infer that the shredded body of a U.S. Senator is found in a street sweeper. This leads Booth, Brennan and co. to Capitol Hill, where they’ll meet with the majority whip Hayley Winters (played by Brenda Strong) and the victim’s chief of staff, Eric Morales. On the personal side of things, Aubrey looks into Jessica’s past as they start developing a relationship — just to make sure nothing will taint his dream future in politics.

Click through for the Bones 11×06 stills!

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