We’re growing! (And looking for new writers!)

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Do you have a passion for TV? Can’t wait to talk about your favorite show around the water cooler, even if you don’t actually have a fountain to assemble around? Overcome with feelings for your fictional characters, but nobody quite understands your, er, enthusiasm?

Have we got a deal for you!

(Okay, maybe it’s not quite that exciting.)

We’ve grown so much here at TYLL this past year, and we’re hoping to expand our repertoire even more going forward. But it’s a lot of work, so much so that we (Nels, Cassidy and Lucie) are having trouble keeping up, as our impromptu summer hiatus proved. There is so much content out there we would love to discuss, but so little time for us to be able to do it. So we’re calling out to you guys for help!

Do you like to write, and have a favorite show you’d love to talk about every week? We may have a place for you here at TYLL! We love to focus on series with compelling, multifaceted female characters, because we think they deserve the limelight, but  we love to talk about good TV, period, so if you can make your case, then be our guest!

We’d love to see some weekly episode recaps, but we’re open to other types of features, as well — the more creative, the better! (Take a look at some of our past offerings: we have everything from favorite quotes of the week, to character profiles, to series spotlights, to essays, to news bites and photo previews, and we’ve occasionally branched out into web series as well.) Our only requirement, for now, is to remain positive. That doesn’t mean you can’t critique if someone pulls a bonehead move (we’ve all ranted at some point!), but it does mean that if you’re only hate-watching a show for snark value, this probably isn’t the right fit for you.

Unfortunately, we can’t offer any paid compensation for this — this is purely a labor of love for all of us — but we can offer a cool place to talk about your nerdy obsessions, and possibly a space to spread your writerly wings.

If you’re interested, please use the contact form below, or email us at team@thankyoulizlemon.com. (If you’ve got any writing samples, that’d be super, too.) We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

– Nels, Cassidy and Lucie

Thank You Liz Lemon Team

We’re a couple of girls who really love TV, and we’re okay with that.

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