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Literary webseries are special.

Normally, they are modern-day adaptation of a classic you either love or have read (at school or for fun). It’s more than just a five-minute video: there’s the added element of seeing the social media interaction, tying you up between video postings.

Yet, you know the basic beats of the story because the internet gives you unlimited access to a detailed synopsis; a lot of the expectation comes from wondering “How are they going to adapt this?” and guessing what each episode will cover.

Classic Alice, however, is different and that’s why I love it.

Why do I say that, you might ask? Well, in a twisted way, all I’ve just mentioned about adaptations is what Alice Rackham, the main character played by Kate Hackett, is doing to establish a deeper connection with her books, and as a result, improve her writing. Alice takes a classic book she has never read before and makes choices in her life according to it. The result is… interesting nonetheless, and I’m not spoiling anything by saying she’s quite successful.

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I could sing the show’s praises, but you should just check it out for yourself, if you haven’t watched it already; if you are reading this, you probably have and are begging me to get to the preview already. (If you clicked out of curiosity, check the related article out and decide for yourself, but stop reading lest you be spoiled.)

By the end of Book 7 and season two, Alice and Andrew finally got together, and Alice became a published author.

What can we expect from Books 8+?

  • The main cast (Kate Hackett, Tony Noto, Elise Cantu and Chris O’Brien) will return as will James Brent Isaacs returns as Marcus.
  • There are also a few new faces, including Dyana Liu (Tower Prep), Leilani Marie Smith (Uncle P), Paul Todd (City Homicide), and Jonathan Emerson (Fresh Off the Boat). Classic Alice New Cast
  • The show is immersed in a really interactive transmedia experience, including the characters’ podcasts (Pens vs. Lens and The Proof is Treble), Tumblr posts, Twitter and a new literary magazine. As always, you can follow the entire Narrative here.

In case you missed it, the show comes back on Tuesday, June 9 (this Tuesday!) at 9 am Pacific time. I’ve been fortunate enough to screen the first episode and confessional and they are as good as ever… and even better. I am excited to see where this goes, because this just sets up everything. However, I am not allowed to spoil the plot, and just because I don’t want to anger anyone, here are a couple of teases:

  • There are a couple of callbacks that made me smile. My favorite thing, however, is a Harry Potter reference.
  • There is no plaid in the episode. However, I think people will still be happy with the costume design.
  • That said, I think I can say that the two people on camera are Andrew and Alice.
  • I really liked how the exposition was handled in both episodes.
  • There is a lot of adorable in both episodes.
  • I really like how the confessionals look this season.

I can’t wait for you all to see these two episodes and I can’t wait to see more of Classic Alice Books 8+.

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