BONES 10×20 Stills: “The Woman in the Whirlpool”

What comes after the latest Bones episode and those cliffhangers of sorts, you ask?

May Sweeps may be over, but there are still three more episodes of this tenth season of Bones to go; this one will air on May 28 at 8/7c.

According to the press release, “Woman in the Whirlpool” will find the team diving into the victim’s cookie-jar-collector community in order to catch his killer. (He is a well-known cookie jar collector who’s been found in a riverbank.) Elsewhere, Booth’s coming to terms with Brennan’s decision as he moves out due to his gambling addiction (and subsequent lies), and Aubrey has his eye in one of the Squinterns.

(Notable guest stars include Alex Skuby as Booth’s long-time GA sponsor Gavin and Laura Spencer as squintern Jessica.)

Without further ado, the Bones 10×20 stills:

ETA: More stills will follow as they become available.

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  1. Ruth Ann Walker says:

    Looking forward to The Woman in the Whirlpool…….I must say my interest is peaked hoping B & B work the (G) & (I) out……also anxious to see more about the Baby and when he/she is born, although I know Mr. Nathan said no more births this season, but maybe a little more talk about the preparation of their child.

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