BONES 10×16 Debriefing: “I Bet This Was Delicious Once”

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Bones just made history by airing its 206th episode. As studio head Gary Newman pointed out in the cake cutting celebration for the 200th, at 206 episodes, the show becomes the longest running drama FOX Studios has ever produced. If you know some anatomy, you might also know that 206 is the number of bones in the human body.

Pretty cool, huh?

The show celebrated the milestone by mentioning every single ones of those bones  during the episode.  FOX, for their part, had a really fun way to complement this:  #BonesBingo! (Did you play along?)

The episode itself was a solid outing that gave us some behind-the-scenes glimpses at Booth and Brennan’s beloved Royal Diner. It also, surprisingly, touched on all the recently launched storylines and offered us some surprising developments.

(Disclaimer: As always, details might be off. Tonight, the bingo distracted me a tiny bit!)

Since there was a lot going on tonight, I’l ltry my best to be brief.

Gettin’ Spicy with Chili Reuben!

(c) FOX

(c) FOX

A decomposed body is found at a local park, despite having been dead for just two days. Angela is able to ID him thanks to pancreas and kidney transplants: Chili Reuben, a celebrity chef who had a popular TV show (see the heading!) in which he reviewed greasy-spoon diners. His most recent episode was shot in DC, and thanks to the raw footage, Angela and Aubrey discover the only place that got a bad review: the Royal Diner. Another important detail? Chili wore a ruby chili earring (no doubt a play on his name!) that wasn’t found with him.

This information naturally leads to some awkwardness, as Booth and Brennan are preferred costumers at the Diner, and cook Frankie and co. feel as if they’re being attacked. (So much for the free refills, Booth!)

More on Chili! His stomach was full of food; his blood had evidence of alcohol and marijuana. He also suffered from excessive perspiration. (Think the chills did it?) A deeper look into his finances reveals he was broke: bad investments and overspendings, etc. Booth also reveals they’ve found the earring at a pawn shop. The earring was pawned two hours before TOD by the boom guy on his crew, Kenneth Morton. This matches the blunt force trauma from a single point of impact Clark and Brennan find in Chili’s skull; his ribs got whacked by the sound boom pole.

(c) FOX

(c) FOX

Morton was found in a bus station about to leave for Philly; when interrogated, he says Chili told him to pawn it so he could get some money for crank. From what Cam has analyzed, Chili had no crank the day he was murdered. From recent remodeling on his bones, Brennan and Clark feel confident in assessing Chili got into many fights.

Angela determines where Chili’s van traveled in DC — seems like Chili went to nice restaurants after eating at those greasy spoons… And he also was contacting reality TV producers: he had fired his own after Memphis (when Sid tried to get him into rehab). Now that he’s dead and the network wants to finish the episode — he’s actually hot property.

A few more developments: the non-food smell in the van that Hodgins is able to extrapolate is Joanne’s perfume. (Looks like he was sampling more than just the burgers at the Diner.) Brennan and Clark find some bruises on the occipital: not enough force to kill him, but distinctive enough to be able to identify a killer.

Finally, Hodgins and Clark determine Chili drowned, consistent with what they know, including a shape in the occipital that would match a sink faucet. The Diner’s would be too small, but the motel’s are a match — since the whole crew was staying there, he could’ve been killed in any of their rooms.

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(c) FOX

In the end, boom guy Kenneth Morton (he of the criminal record and the sick mom in Philadelphia) did it. Seeing Chili waste away his transplanted kidney (and pancreas) when his mother has been in a waiting list two years made him snap. The night of the murder, the TV chef burst into his room looking for some pills (he looked all over his bathroom, where Morton was); he was so drunk he slipped and hit his face on the toilet. Morton didn’t mean to kill him — he just held him underwater to shut him up.

Dem Bones

Brennan does not approve of the completely inaccurate bone song Christine is taught in school (there is more than one chest bone!) so she takes it upon herself to compose a new one.

Though songwriting is hard, she eventually pulls it off with the help of JoAnne (their waitress at the Diner) and Clark. Rhyming the bones isn’t easy!

After the murder is solved, they’re all good with Frankie and friends. — they still have their reserved table by the window! Brennan has the song ready for Christine and the result?

This adorable scene at the diner! (Even Booth joins in and raps some.) Brennan is such an amazing mom.

Fully Funded!

Remember Hodgins’ SquintStarter campaign for his honeycomb rubber invention from last week? It’s caught a company’s eye: if it checks out, not only will he get a “small” advance payment, but he will also get a dollar royalty per unit sold — and the current projection is 20 million. They are hesitant to tell Cam, since if she hadn’t told Hodgins to not “play” at the lab, the Jeffersonian would technically be earning most of that money.

(c) FOX

(c) FOX

The good news is that the offer was legit but they’re actually projecting forty million units — so they give Hodgins a two million payment upfront. They decide to tell Cam (just as she walks in and overhears that), who is very happy for them. For once, following the rules didn’t make her the bad guy. Even though it was hard to read her emotions at first, she’s truly surprised, but happy for her friends and their exciting news.

Later in the episode, she commends them for not having taken the day off… giving them an idea. But they love their jobs!

I bet that having earned the money themselves, as opposed to it being family money, is sweeter. (They definitely allude to this in the episode). As for the “we love our jobs” part — I can sincerely believe that coming from Hodgins, since he did work there for eight years when he didn’t need to. Angela, on the other hand? I think this could bring back some of her work-related angst, seeing as  the only reason she’s still there is because she loves her co-workers.

Hm. I’m quite interested in seeing how this plays out in the next few episodes.

News from a land far, far away…

Clark is back tonight! And he brings news from Arastoo: he’s fine, though his brother is not. Cam has apparently not believed him herself  when her boyfriend has told her that, but so far? Everything is A-okay.

However, when she gets another email, she starts to excessively worry again, reading too much into Arastoo’s words and asking for Clark’s input. She unloads her frustrations onto Clark , and confesses she’s just trying to find a reason why this is all happening. She needs something that will satisfy the control freak in her — because isn’t that what we all do when things take confusing turns we can’t really explain?

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(c) FOX

Yet, what reassures Cam the most is a heartfelt conversation with Brennan, in which the latter assuages the former’s fears that Arastoo didn’t take her to Iran because they’re not married. He loves her, married or not, and didn’t ask her to come along because he didn’t want to put her in danger as well. This bit of tough love works on her better than any of Clark’s reassurances.

Dirty Money

After last week’s episode, it should surprise no one that Booth’s still gambling. Things are going well: a text he gets at the beginning of the episode tells us he’s won $1500, which obviously makes him happy (he tries to shrug that off as excitement over some report from Christine’s preschool teacher).

What does he do with it? He buys a humerus-shaped (sort of) necklace for Brennan… even though he has never seemed like the kind of guy who randomly buys jewelry for his wife. He’s thankful for her — he points out he’s made the right choice, and that he’s lucky to have her, which sounds like him. She, in turn, also has a present for him: his gambling sobriety chip. She found it in the laundry, though leaving it behind is not like him.

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(c) FOX

Despite the excuses, the look on Brennan’s face tells us she is not buying any of this. I’m glad — she obviously knows him well, and knows there is something wrong there. Even though this scene seems sweet at first glance (or out of context), it feels wrong because we (the audience) know where the money comes from; his intentions might have been good, but they are masking his denial and guilt – if he’s using the money to buy presents to his wife, it makes it all alright, no? (Nope.)

I’m personally intrigued to see how long it takes her to piece everything together, seeing as how she already feels something’s fishy.

When the episode was preceded by a  “previously on” that reminded us of Hodgins’ invention, Arastoo’s Iran trip and the gambling, I wondered how the episode would pull some mention of them off — but they did. I actually like that the episode juggled different storylines because it felt true to life: there is always a lot going on at the same time. It also displayed what has made this show last for as long as it has: they are all a family, and they’re very much involved in each other’s lives. (Even though some people didn’t really interact with each other, you know it happens off-screen.)

It also helps most of the storylines were not particularly intricate or were just an update before their big resolutions come.

As a result of so many storylines I was more invested in, the murder wasn’t my priority though it had great bits: I loved the recognizable guest stars (Kurt Fuller! Adam Shapiro! Nicole Sullivan! etc), and Aubrey’s fanboy tendencies. I liked the show’s take on celebrity chefs: lord knows those are really entertaining to watch! And I loved seeing some more of Booth and Brennan (and the team)’s beloved Diner. Everyone genuinely loves those two — Joanne is particularly someone I’d love to see again because she had a great rapport with Brennan (she obviously loved her, and has even picked up some squint speak!) and Booth (that “don’t forget about your free refills” remark).

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(c) FOX

In short, I was glad to get a glimpse into that.

I was also really happy to see Clark back! His and Brennan’s relationship is one I really like as they are essentially equals; their dynamic is  fascinating to watch. That scene in which he tries to call her “Temperance” was fun, as was how he helped her with the bone song. He also served as the kickstart for tonight’s Arastoo storyline — not only does it highlight some of Cam’s personality traits and how she’s dealing with the long-distance aspect of their relationship and how much she loves this man, and how concerned she’s for him, but it also reminded us that Cam and Arastoo still have a bunch of loose ends that the show’s probably going to pick up soon.

As for the other two storylines, I mentioned them above: I don’t condone Booth’s actions at all and I feel conflicted about finding the necklace sweet when I also dislike that it exists —to me, it really represents his usual deep denial state. I’m really glad Brennan has immediately started to suspect there is something wrong (if that look is any indication), because it should lead us down some interesting paths.

Ditto Hodgins’ newfound fortune! I’m so happy for them since that twist back in season 8 was too… cruel. I mentioned it above, but I suspect this is going to bring out some interesting issues that Angela seems to have pushed at the back of her mind.

As I said, a fun, relationship-packed episode that offered some levity after last week’s heavier one.

Odds and Ends

  • (c) FOX

    (c) FOX

    Aubrey was living it up in this episode, as he was a fan of Chili’s show. His fanboy-ism at seeing so many of the things he saw on TV was so much fun.

  • Hodgins loves being in the field and I loved his reaction to it. (I love the fact Booth sent Aubrey on his place because of that.)
  • I said this on Twitter but it’s really funny to me that Cristela’s love interests on Cristela are played by Andrew Leeds and Adam Shapiro — i.e. guys who have played killers on Bones (Pelant and this week’s killer, respectively). It is so amusing to me. (They are both adorable and funny in that show.) Cristela herself and Adam Shapiro found it funny and retweeted it.
  • Chili Reuben was an awful person, but I’m pretty sure I’d have at least checked out his show. By the way, it’s funny to me both of his names are foods — Reuben as in the sandwich and… well, you all know what Chili is. He’s apparently based off Guy Fieri, too.)
  • Brennan, you’ve left the one you loved behind, too.
  • Also (spoiler alert?): she is wearing the necklace in the next two episodes (as seen in the stills).
  • Liked seeing Clark trying to call Brennan by her given name, just like she does. A nice callback to “Ghost in the Killer” (when she started doing so, and he tried to do it), from last season. I truly love their dynamic — all Brennan-squintern of the week are, but Clark is an actual doctor (and has been, for the beginning). In this case, we’ve seen them slowly evolve to this (quasi-)friendship and their scenes this week showed it in full force.
  • I played the bingo. I had the same card as John Boyd did! I didn’t do too bad. (The reward was the video embedded above.)
  • Next week: Double header! Two episodes that sound pretty interesting. You can read the descriptions and see the stills here. I am not particularly sure how I’ll recap them because (personal “excuses” time) I’ll be busy packing and traveling back home. (No joke: between episodes 18 and 19, I’ll have been to three different continents in a week.)

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