BONES 10×15 Stills: “The Eye in the Sky”

FOX just released the stills for Bones’ fifteenth episode this season, titled “The Eye in the Sky,” airing on April 23rd at 8/7c (the first night of May Sweeps!).

Note: This description might be spoilery if you have been under a rock, Bones news-wise, for the last three-four months. Otherwise, you’re good to go!

As per the press release:

This episode’s victim is a high-stakes poker player, who is found in an industrial shredder. As you might imagine, Booth will risk a relapse into gambling as he and Brennan (and the team) investigate the world of underground poker. Elsewhere, Hodgins invents a lab-related product and… Booth and Brennan find out some exciting news.

Click through for the pics, courtesy of FoxFlash:

(Spoilery (?) aside: if any comments the cast and crew have made are to be trusted, this episode essentially sets up three important storylines moving forward with the rest of the season.)

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