BONES 10×12 Debriefing: “#WhimsicallyAmusing”

#BrennanisonTwitter, y’all!

Yes, you read that right: Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) is now on Twitter…. and it’s the best thing ever. Tonight’s Bones was all about Brennan finally joining Twitter and getting used to it… as well as Caroline (Patricia Belcher) fighting for a cause very dear to her heart. Yet, the underlying message on the case was really powerful and was a nice contrast to how amusing the rest of the episode was.

As always, I apologize for the slightly delay. (Life would be so much easier with those screeners, though I love watching the episode in real time.)

THE CASE || Mia Ferrara, a United Teaching Fellows teacher, is found murdered at an abandoned bookstore. Thanks to Hodgins’ (TJ Thyne) find of some spider’s eggs and webbing, he determines time of death was seven days ago. Angela’s  (Michaela Conlin) computer wizardry IDs her: she was reported missing on Sunday (~2 days after TOD) by her boyfriend.

(c) FOX

(c) FOX

As the case unravels, we find out she spent a lot of time in rough neighborhoods. As a UTF teacher, she taught inner city kids and, by Cellus and the school’s accounts, she was pretty good at it. (But more on this part of the SL in a second.)

Cam (Tamara Taylor) also finds out that the body was kept for more than four hours in a standing position after death, and Hodgins and she deduce her body was hidden in a semi public place: a locker that just happened to be in an area that was inaccessible to students that day. Even though the federal dog barks at the janitor, he isn’t guilty but another person who will remark how nice Mia is (she gifted him a nice watch for his birthday, saying he helped her understand those kids).

Even though the cause of death is found fairly quickly, it’s some fractures in the legs (as well as some particulates) what leads the team to realize that the blunt trauma in the patella was intentional, caused when the body was already in its rigor mortis stage. The body was probably put in a seating position (in a passenger car) as the trunk didn’t have enough space to hide the body. That and the particulates corresponding to high end erasers leads them to Shane Gentry (Brendan Robinson), the other teacher we met. He had lined up a nice position at the Department of Education and Mia had caught him cheating (changing the students’ answers so they were right) to make him more appealing… So he strangled her to shut her up.

(c) FOX

(c) FOX

Unlike Mia, he didn’t really want to teach there as he didn’t think these kids would amount to anything in life: his career and future were more important than the education.

“Bring these young men some pie!” || Complimenting the case, we got a fantastic storyline that helped us understand Caroline: the case hit close to home for her, as she’s on the UTF board for inner city schools. She grew up with nothing and doesn’t want this to create a scandal that would damage her cause.

The other part of this storyline that eventually intersects it are Marcellus (Allius Barnes) and his big brother Keith (Allen Maldonado). Cellus was one of those students whose life was better because Mia was in it. The day she was murdered, he had gone up to her after school for some help — the first time she ever told him no. She was the only teacher that thought he could be better, to the point that, if he kept improving, she would help him get into college.

Later on the episode, we find that the laceration across the fingers (causing stitches) wasn’t caused by Keith but by Mia herself: she cut herself with Keith’s knife to keep Cellus at school. Cellus had missed class because he felt bad his brother was the only one providing for them. After that ‘passionate’ demonstration from Mia, he never missed one class again.

(c) FOX

(c) FOX

His brother is slightly problematic, though, as he refuses to say what his alibi was. In a nice twist, Aubrey (John Boyd) gets Cellus to tell him (Keith was stealing some groceries for them, as Cellus had a test coming up and didn’t want him to be hungry) but since there is no legal guardian with him, the conversation didn’t happen and he can’t and won’t press charges.

I was so glad neither of them were guilty, because I really cared for them: they are a great embodiment of what is a problem in this country. I was so happy to see that Caroline is taking them under her wing (as the school won’t get a new replacement until next year) and tutoring them — the brother will have to get his GED, too!

I love this storyline because Caroline automatically makes anything tenfold better. It’s not always pretty when a case gets personal for someone from the team but it always brings interesting shading. Caroline is an extraordinary woman.

Hashtag Strangely Exhilarating! || The big, somewhat hyped storyline from this episode was Brennan joining Twitter and it was fabulous and so much fun. Even though she was reluctant at first, she does join (I think seeing one in her books in the clearance section of an abandoned bookstore pushed her over the edge) and the results are very fun.

Have to say — I’m quite surprised it took her this long, as it seems that Twitter/a good social media reach has pretty much become a requirement for anyone who wants to promote anything they’ve worked on… and, as Booth (David Boreanaz) says, it’s also a way to connect with fans.

(c) FOX

(c) FOX

One of those ‘fans’? Aubrey, who teases Booth about how long it took for Kathy and Andy to get together (three books!) after Brennan reveals the agent is based off him. He was just killing time, because Aubrey is just interested in the gore. (Suuuure.)

Most of her first tweets are about articles and boring things, which result in… not a lot of followers, leading to some teasing from her husband over a quick lunch. Yet, by Booth’s recommendation, she enlists the help of social media-savvy squintern Jessica Warren (Laura Spencer), who introduces her to selfies, hashtags and occasionally tweets for her. [You can actually read all those tweets here, in her account. Please do. I’m attaching the following one because it’s *delightful*]

Meanwhile, Angela is also concerned for her friend and her newfound obsession, because she knows Brennan won’t stop until she’s the best at whatever she sets her mind to (case in point: twitter) … Her obsession with the platform might lead to the end of our civilization! Honestly, I didn’t get much of her attitude: Twitter is fun and ridiculous but it seems to me like Brennan already knows how she wants to use it.

In the end, Jessica thinks Brennan’s ready to tackle the Twitterverse on her own and she is: she gets excited about incoming tweets and is starting to get into emoticons (“smiley face, wink wink”!) but she also uses it for good (as a platform for advocate for Caroline’s cause) and to tell everyone about the candle-lit dinner she’s about to share with the #BestHusbandEver (who, after that, wants her to post either a pic of him with the food or a selfie of the two).

My favorite thing about this storyline is that of course Brennan would use it to talk about science, even if she’s supposed to be promoting her writing. Isn’t Twitter about talking about what’s on your mind or what you like? Brennan loves science, so of course she’d use her “reach” however little it is, to spread knowledge. I love that. Plus, she is already selective with what she posts about her life; unless that changes? She’ll be fine.

(c) FOX

(c) FOX

Tonight’s solid outing was written by freelance writer Taylor Martin, who did a nice job of combining heavier elements with some light and fun ones. Even though the Twitter story was a big part of the episode, it was the Caroline story the one that swept me off my feet. Don’t get me wrong: I loved all those tweets but that emotional storyline got me.

This might be one of my favorite Caroline episodes ever. I loved she was at the center of it all and that she was as wonderful as ever. I don’t think she didn’t lack faith in the team, but she was so personally invested in this that she wanted to make sure. Let’s be real — all of that helped get some levity out of the case: she got to interact with Aubrey (and tell him how naive he was) and she propositioned Booth. The cause is another good example of how Bones brings your attention to issues organically.

It was a really solid episode and I enjoyed it a lot.

Odds and Ends…

  • Fun, unnecessary fact: when the @DrBrennan account was unveiled yesterday I was the 10th follower. Pinky swear. I’m taking that mention in the episode personally.
  • I am pleasantly surprised FOX indeed created an account for Brennan. It was kind of surreal in the best way — seeing those tweets appear as I was watching the episode (and trying to take notes) was fun. We posted this on our Twitter account. (See embedding above!)
  • I didn’t mention much of the boyfriend (Nathaniel Buzolic, but he was the worst and that “Get Lost Hotline” was perfect.
  • I knew the Eco Friendly car was going to play into it somehow, but I really liked how it got to that. Though, gross.
  • Loved the meta moment with Cam after Brennan connected the dots and run out without telling Cam or Jessica. Some day she’ll tell you! Someday!
  • I liked the Caroline-Aubrey interactions but “#YouOweMeanApology” “In your dreams, hashtag” made me laugh really hard.
  • You know, all this talk about hashtags reminded me about the “Hashbrown, no filter” from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I’m apparently the perfect audience for Twitter jokes.
  • Jessica was helpful and surprisingly delightful. Even if I have been on the fence about her in the past, I liked her a lot in this episode. I look forward to her next episode, which I know is soon.
  • “Without challenges, life is dull.” I loved that line and I loved the banter between them. (Christine is getting some “homework” already?!)
  • Can’t believe I forgot to mention this but 3 years ago today, Christine was born!
  • Next week: that teased serial killer is introduced (judging from the promo)? Arastoo is back.


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