EMPIRE Finale biggest reveals: They did WHAT

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A longer post about tonight’s season finale is in the works, but here are some of the most buzz-worthy moments from “Die But Once”/”Who I Am”.

(Spoilers ahead, so click at your own risk, folks)

  • Hakeem hooks up with Anika!
  • Jamal turns into a thug, threatening to kill rivals, just like dear old dad!
  • Lucious doesn’t have ALS!
  • Let me repeat: LUCIOUS DOESN’T HAVE ALS. He’s still sick, but he’s not terminal.
  • Lucious also may or may not be mentally ill, but definitely has a God complex. (I know it’s easy to blame his ramblings on an Ambien trip, but the way he was talking throughout the rest of the episode? My money’s on delusional at the very least.)
  • Speaking of which: Lucious finally admits that he killed Bunky, among others, to Cookie.
  • … After which she tries to kill him with a pillow.
  • Jamal is named Lucious’ successor!
  • And his brothers aren’t feeling the love anymore.
  • Anika ropes Jamal and Andre into a hostile takeover of Empire.
  • Rhonda leaves Andre for his dalliance with his music therapist.
  • Hakeem and Andre convince Cookie that they need to team with Anika for a hostile takeover… and she agrees.
  • Rhonda comes back to Andre just in time to kill Vernon with a candlestick when he goes after Andre. (Is this an elaborate game of “Clue”?)
  • Because: of course she’s pregnant. There aren’t enough surprise children on this show!
  • Lucious’ real name is actually Dwight Walker! Apparently it didn’t sound street enough when he went into foster care.
  • And perhaps the biggest reveal of all: Lucious is arrested for Bunky’s murder!
  • (… But the Feds’ case against him is now toast, because star witness Vernon is “missing.” Oops, Andre.)
  • And let’s just say Lucious isn’t taking his incarceration nearly as serenely as Cookie did.

The finale was totally bananas! What parts shocked you the most?



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