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Am I cheating for including a webseries here? Maybe, but Classic Alice has great ladies and is written and produced by women as well. Plus, it lasts almost as much as a short season of a cable show would!

20150106160815-GreenShow: Classic Alice

Created by: Kate Hackett

Starring: Kate Hackett (Alice Rackham), Tony Noto (Andrew Prichard), Elise Cantu (Cara Graves)

Original “Premiere” Date: March 4, 2014

Status: Finished “Book 7.” They’re trying to fund Books 8+!

Elevator Speech Version: Over-achiever Alice Rackham, an English major at Valeton University, receives a bad grade on a test because she didn’t truly connect with her material. As a result, she decides to start living her life according to classic literature — books she’s never read before. Her friend Andrew Prichard uses the opportunity to film her (vlog-style) for a college project and together. Classic Alice is born.

Look For…  Emma Approved‘s four main characters have a couple of appearances as Valeton students… and it is awesome. Also: Plaid. Fun references to Nathan, Andrew’s unseen intern. (He doesn’t even talk! His tweets are all emojis!)

Why You Should Check It Out… I know webseries (particularly those shot in vlog-style) are hard to get into at first: the characters are usually interacting and looking at you. Fret not! It should not take you too long to get into it, particularly because this is some quality storytelling! (It’s hard to explain everything without spoiling.) Each book brings a new, carefully plotted arc that puts Alice and co. through different situations that mirror those of the book — and the drama or the actions to come out of them do not feel contrived. As for the characters, they are relatable human beings: you have a smart, ambitious and good person in Alice, Andrew is charming, passionate and fun, and Cara is just a down-to-earth, intelligent lady… she eventually became my favorite character. (Ewan, an important recurring character, has an interesting evolution from nerdy to despicable.)

(You can read more about all of the characters of this world here. I cannot do them justice with just a few words, and the official description is much better than what I could say.)

If you check it out, chances are you will love the friendships: in particular,  Cara and Alice’s is wonderfully supportive. (I have a weakness for their kind of sister-like friendship). But this is the internet, and I have been in fandoms long enough to know what hooks most people: Andrew and Alice have a friendship that is obviously more than that (for at least one of them). It’s delightfully frustrating (when are all these fictional ‘will-they-won’t-they’ not?) and you will probably enjoy every second of it. The relationships between the characters are probably my favorite aspect of the show, especially as each arc affects them, because you never doubt that they’ll  get through the rough patch. (The tough times aren’t too tough, luckily.)


Though there is enough romantic teasing so that you don’t forget the feelings are there, I love that the show prefers to highlight Alice’s drive: she is an ambitious, fiercely smart lady and she wants to succeed in what she loves (writing) — anything less than extraordinary is a bad grade for her. Romance is secondary and I truly respect and love that. Spoiler alert: this project does indeed help her improve, and her whole evolution is relatable and a delight to watch.

One of my most common quibbles with webseries is that there are times where having the camera on is just not plausible but here, everything is justified thanks to the documentary aspect of it, along with Nathan, who follows the characters if necessary. The performances are great — the actors both nail the more fun, quirky moments and the dramatic ones — and the chemistry between all of them is palpable. You don’t doubt for a second these people would be friends in real life, and you can tell they are all having a blast producing those episodes.

So, to summarize: great characters you will root for, tight character and storytelling arcs, great acting and chemistry, and lots of great friendship and romance. It’s pretty addictive — I had no idea what it was about, but I watched it all in an afternoon.

I may have been deliberately vague,  but I believe it’s better to be surprised and let the show introduce everything, (relatively) spoiler-free.

Vague spoilers ahead | Book 7’s ending could be a good one, but I can totally see why Kate Hackett doesn’t want it to end there, even if it could work: it set up a couple of things that are just too good to not be explored. I don’t care that the characters are in a good place, I like seeing things evolve past what would be a conventional ending for most shows or movies!

Fun Fact: As a latecomer, I never really got to experience the transmedia in its full glory… but it’s pretty great! I particularly love that, not only do the characters have accounts on different social media accounts, but that they also have podcasts! Alice and Andrew have “Pens and Lens” (discussing books vs. their respective movie adaptations) and Cara’s “The Proof is Treble”!

Where: Youtube, of course. Here’s the channel. If you want to watch the story in order (episodes and confessionals), which is what I did, you should use this link. To follow the narrative, head here!

And to #SaveAlice, you can check their IGG campaign out. It ends this Friday at 11:59pm, PST.


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