SLEEPY HOLLOW: Ichabod Crane vs. the 21st century, 2/9/15


Or, Ichabod Crane and the Chamber of Secrets

Yes, I realize the newest episode is airing as we speak, but like I said, I’m behind the times, folks.

(Expect a post about “Awakening” later tonight.)

The end of this season is shaping up to be a real doozy, and I’m loving the ride so far! I can’t wait to see what this crazy show has in store for us.

And it confirms one thing: That I could watch Ichabod Crane jauntily stroll along a boardwalk and offer commentary on modern society anytime, any place.

Onwards for some amusing moments from last week’s “What Lies Beneath”!

This is better than that time they were going to hologram Michael Jackson / Courtesy FOX

This is better than that time they were going to hologram Michael Jackson / Courtesy FOX


  1. Ichabod: “Is it possible, leftenant, that I am fully assimilated in this era? A man entirely comfortable in this time, this place?”
    *Cue selfie-takers*
    Abbie: “… And go.”
    (In other words: RANT ICHABOD RANT!)
  2. In that vein: “Instant-Gram.” Hee! “What happened to experiencing life, rather than posting it?” (In other words — Ichabod sounds disturbingly like a baby boomer?)
  3. “One: stop looking at my face.” Abbie “Take No Prisoners” Mills, everyone.
  4. Ichabod pulls the ultimate trump card, time and time again:
    Abbie: “I have to say, I’m kind of sick of heading down small, scary spaces.”
    Ichabod: “I was the one buried alive!”
  5. If Mean Girls was about men in the American Revolution: “If by ‘BFF’ you mean Washington was my mentor and Franklin was a… harsh taskmaster, then yes, BFFs.”
  6. See? “To use common vernacular, Jefferson unfriended me.”
  7. But you can’t blame these guys for everything: “We did not predict the 24 hour news cycle!”
  8. What I’m getting out of this episode thanks to all of Jefferson and Ichabod’s repartee is that Benjamin Franklin was the Gerry Gergich of colonial times.
  9. Ichabod discovers holograms! And sticks his hand through Jefferson and it’s totally not dirty!Jefferson: “Must you?”
    Ichabod: “Apologies.”
  10. “All that knowledge lost. But I suppose, we have the internet.” Maybe he can Wiki how to vanquish these evil dudes?

I’m loving all the themes the writers are setting up for the season finale. Good vs. evil, and what exactly makes one evil. Allegiances are being formed, tested, and broken all over the place, and it’s going to be so much fun to watch them blow up!


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