SLEEPY HOLLOW: Ichabod Crane vs. the 21st Century, 2/2/15


Yes, I know I’m hopelessly behind on Sleepy Hollow. But I can’t pass up the opportunity to relive some of Ichabod Crane & co.’s wonderful lines from the past few weeks!

As an aside, I can’t get over how great a mix this season is of the absurd and the haunting. It’s as though the writers are saying, “We’ll take your fantasy yoga retreats and karaoke jams and house hunting, and raise you undead beloved characters and battles for their souls, week after week.” And I love it. I have so many thoughts about these past few episodes, but alas, they will have to wait for a little longer.

Whew, I’m going to stop myself there, and  take a stroll down memory lane from two weeks ago to relive some of Sleepy Hollow‘s best moments!

Like this. / Courtesy FOX

Like this for example. / Courtesy FOX


  1. Ichabod approves of modern interior decorating:“It’s just like a candle!” (Re: candlestick-shaped lightbulbs in a chandelier.)
  2. Ichabod discovers house-hunting. And we couldn’t be happier it’s with Abbie.
  3. Realtor: “[The bathrooms] are in their original condition.”
    Ichabod: “Older than me.”
    Abbie: “You’ve figured out the real code!”
  4. But that doesn’t mean Ichabod approves of marketing practices:”One cannot even buy a home without being bombarded by modern-day hucksterism!”
  5. … Yet, he does fall for the fresh-baked-cookies trick to warm up to the house.
  6. “Call this an exercise in optimism.” Oh, Ichabod, we’d house-hunt with you any day of the week. (How does Ichabod manage to pay for anything, anyway?)
  7. “Sooner or later I must find a place of my own. Preferably with granite countertops.” Can Ichabod get his own show on HGTV?
  8. Ichabod discovers what pixels are… and the magic Abbie can do with them.
  9. Ichabod quotes Edward R. Murrow about the Cold War and if that doesn’t make him ten times hotter, I don’t know what will.
  10. “If Kent is near, {Katrina’s] spidey senses will be tingling.” I want Ichabod to speak to me at all times.
  11. “How heartening, you compare me to a warlock!” Ain’t no sass like Ichabod sass.
  12. “We do not fight against something. We fight for something. For love. Family. A life.” Oh Ichabod, you are too good for this world. (Cue thoughts about this show’s overarching theme, right now.)
  13. Shallow note: why is Katrina allowed to wear flirty twenty-first century clothes, but Ichabod’s still stuck in colonial times? Not that I mind, I’m just asking.
  14. Ichabod’s trash talk is made of win: ” Curb thy foul stench, unholy minion!”
  15. “In the twenty-first century, we have lighting!” Ichabod is a liiiitle too excited to be channeling his inner Thor while battling a warlock.
    (Did anyone else get Back to the Future flashbacks at that scene?)
  16. Ichabod: “I think the epithet I hurled at Kent during battle, that was good trash talk.”
    Abbie: “For some real practice, I’m going to have to take you to a hockey game.”
    Ichabod: “Hockey?”

    Writers — I need to see this on my screen now, please and thank you.

  17. Henry’s back to prove the sass runs in the Crane genes:“I know you’re all very busy destroying your lives day after wretch day,” to the delinquents accosting the motel staff.

I might still be catching up, but I can’t wait for tonight’s episode! What do you think about how the end of this season is shaping up?


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