SLEEPY HOLLOW: Ichabod Crane vs. the 21st century, 2/16/15


I’m finally caught up, people!

Just in time, too, because tonight’s episode of Sleepy Hollow was off the hook! In a totally awesome way, mind you. (Is there anyone on this show who won’t time travel a some point?!)

I love how all the arcs that have been percolating all season are coming to a head. Some things are totally predictable (e.g. the rift between Katrina and Ichabod over Henry) and some are totally not (e.g. what happened to Abbie in the tag). I’ve got more thoughts brewing about how the end of season 2 is shaping up, but let’s break the ice and mull over some of tonight’s gems, shall we?

(Warning: there are some spoilers for “Awakening” in the following post.)

This is all I need in my life right now. / Courtesy FOX

This is all I need in my life right now. / Courtesy FOX


  1. Don’t be that person, Abbie:
    Ichabod: “It seems absent any definitive guidelines to our role as witnesses, we must continue to define the roles as we see fit.”
    Abbie: “We can get more specific. For instance, a witness always tips the bartender. We never fight a land war in Asia…”
    Ichabod: “… We must refrain from spoiling the end of motion pictures. Thank you, Rosebud.”
    (I want in on an Ichabod-Abbie movie night.)
  2. Speaking of spoilers: “The articles of Confederation were written on a bar napkin.”
  3. More importantly, though?
    Abbie: “You cracked the Liberty Bell?”
    Ichabod: “A little.”
    In other words, ICHABOD CRACKED THE LIBERTY BELL because of course he did. (I love this show.)
  4. Ichabod shopping at a hardware store. Possibly the greatest scene ever.
  5. Especially when he discovers power tools: “If only we had such a wealth of tools whilst building a nation.”
  6. “What, pray tell, are seasonal items?”
  7. Ichabod and the bobble head is as amazing as you’re imagining right now. (Please tell me there is a .gif of that on the internet somewhere.)
  8. Ichabod: “What holiday requires monopedal pink birds and a band of barbate pygmies?”
    Abbie: “Arbor Day.”
  9. Ichabod is also a little too excited about blowing up another bell. Does he have a problem?
  10. “I appreciate the modern world, but sometimes old school is the best school… Ooh, batteries!”
  11. I’m not sniffling, it’s just dusty in here:
    Abbie: “One thing’s for sure, I’m glad I’m not in this alone.”
    Ichabod: “I echo that sentiment, leftenant.”
  12. And SPOILER ALERT, we might need to start an “Abbie Mills vs. the 18th century” feature based on this ending! She’s right, this is wrong on so many levels, and I can’t wait to see her get out of it. (Though I fear for her sassiness given her new environment.)
  13. (This isn’t really a fish-out-of-water moment, but I loved the callback to the pilot with the orchestral arrangement of “Sympathy for the Devil” in the last scene tonight.)

I am so on board with this latest plot twist, guys. We’ve spent two seasons watching Ichabod adjust to the modern world, so it’s only fair for he and the leftenant to play a little Freaky Friday back in colonial times, right?

As I mentioned in the intro, I’m loving how all the seeds planted this season are coalescing right now. Those thoughts will have to wait for another post (possibly tomorrow), but there’s so much to chew on as we draw closer to the season finale. In many ways, these developments — Henry’s demise, Katrina’s turn, Frank’s salvation — have been a long time coming, yet the writers are still coming up with new spins on the classic tale.

I don’t think I’m ready for this season to end, but I’m sure going to enjoy the heck out of it while I still can.

What did you think about tonight’s episode?


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