SLEEPY HOLLOW: Ichabod Crane vs. the 21st Century, 1/26/15


Sorry I’ve been so neglectful about this, everyone. (Darn real-life commitments on Monday nights, now.)

In any case, I’m back just in time for what might be the ultimate revolutionary war culture clash for our heroes: Karaoke! Not going to lie, I could probably watch an entire show about Ichabod and Abbie running a karaoke bar and be totally into it, so if the writers are ever thinking about a new direction for season 3… But I digress!

Here’s how our special snowflake saw the world around him this week:

  2. “Huzzah!” – Best way to celebrate Abbie’s performance, am I right?
  3. Meanwhile, Jenny and Ichabod have a little Girl Talk about his relationship with Abbie, because whisky solves everything.
  4. The mere idea that Ichabod could choose “Oops I Did It Again” from the catalogue and didn’t makes me sad. Doesn’t that make you sad? Time for a sequel, writers!
  5. … But he did clear the room with his A Cappella sea shanty. “Perhaps I should have done the one about the bass, about the bass.” (This show is so beautiful.)

    Just the ladies now! / Courtesy FOX

    Just the ladies now! / Courtesy FOX

  6. He might quote Phillip the Second, but Ichabod still needs his venti latte and takeout to successfully take on a case.
  7. He’s been using this recent lull in demonic activity to catch up on his cinematic education:
    Ichabod: “So she turns the task into a leisure activity, with a rather lively ditty. So she sings, she cleans, she travels by parasol.”
    Katrina: “A modern witch specializing in housework? It hardly sounds progressive.”
    Ichabod: “Oh no, no. Miss Poppins seems quite fulfilled.”
  8. And also, taking driving lessons, and loving them, especially with an impromptu chase behind the wheel of Hawley’s Mustang: “On the subject, is said [horse] power referring to an Arabian, Turkoman or Barb breeding? There is a difference.”
  9. Don’t let a little something like forced confinement prevent you from being witty, Ichabod: “It means the roster of our missteps is growing to karaoke-catalogue sized proportions.”
  10. “I’ve developed rather a distaste for being trapped in small spaces.” We hear ya, Ichabod.
  11. On the other hand, Abbie and Ichabod talk it out while they’re trapped in their own Fort Knox, and that’s definitely a blessing of this century.
  12. We all jump the gun sometimes:
    Ichabod: “I admit. I was excited. I may have acted rashly.”
    Abbie: “I’ll make sure to put that on your tombstone.”
  13. Abbie: “We seriously named Fort Knox after a dude who died in debt?”
    Ichabod: “Well, he had other redeeming qualities.”
  14. Let’s play a game of “who had it worse”:
    Jenny: “Hawley locked me in a closet!”
    Ichabod: “He locked us in a death trap.”
  15. Just because you can drop some knowledge doesn’t mean Ichabod likes it:
    Abbie: “Thank you, yoga class!”
    Ichabod: “I’m still not going back.”
  16. Finally, Ichabod and Abbie get a chance to duet at Karaoke Night, and seeing Ichabod sing “Proud Mary,” despite the fact that “this [song] makes no sense!” tickles me pink. Yay partners! (There is absolutely nothing wrong with this show, but that is a whole other article.)
Rollin' (rollin') / Courtesy FOX

Rollin’ (rollin’) / Courtesy FOX

I love that Ichabod and Abbie are back on track, but just what kind of shady business is Katrina up to? Speaking of shady, everything is going to hit the fan for Irving, because it’s too good to be true, right?


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