SLEEPY HOLLOW: Ichabod Crane vs. the 21st Century, 1/05/14


Sleepy Hollow came back tonight, and proved there ain’t no party like a purgatory party!

And there’s nothing quite like Ichabod having an existential crisis to bring on the quips. So here are some of the highlights from “Paradise Lost.”

  • Ichabod vs. the farmer’s market: “I should have thought all produce was organic by definition.”
  • … Part 2 — “Farm to table”: “I still fail to understand how that constitutes a movement.”
  • I take it he’s not a fan of mashups: “This era has reconstituted, reinvented every term.”
  • Ichabod doesn’t want to deal with Abbie questioning his and Katrina’s “break”: “This is a conversation for a day when we do not have a trail to follow.”
  • … But he is learning the value of having a friend by his side in Abbie when he and his wife hit a rough patch: “It’s what partners are for. No judgment.”
  • But it doesn’t make their break any less painful: “This reexamination of my marriage is very trying.”
  • Just don’t tell Abbie she needs a man to be happy post-Apocalypse: “I in no way meant to imply a point of view that was in any way offensive to the modern woman.”
  • “Without the threat of apocalypse, what is my place in the world?” We’ve all been there, Ichabod, am I right?
  • Special guest star Jenny in this column: “Egg of Haggis” re: Hawley’s demonology lesson.
  • Somewhat unrelated, but did anyone else dig Katrina’s new threads? And think she discovered some Kohl eyeliner post-purgatory? It’s very goth-chic.
  • Ichabod vs. The Women: “There is no need for tempers to flare!”
  • Abbie: “Things still upside down at home?” Ichabod: “Sideways. Things are improving, at least.”
  • You can always count on your partner: “No matter how many disagreements we might have, our bond cannot be broken.”
  • … To crack you up with his slang: “Witness represent.”
  • Honourable mention, thanks to SPOILER ALERT Undead!Irving: “Is this heaven or hell?” Convenience store clerk: “Either, man. It’s Sleepy Hollow.”

Talk about a surprise ending! More thoughts to come about tonight’s episode, but what did you think? Have we seen the last of Orion? Will Katrina and Ichabod make it through this rough patch? What’s going on with Irving?!



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