SLEEPY HOLLOW 2×12 Thoughts: Ain’t no party like a purgatory party


(Yes, I know I used that in the previous post. I can’t help it, I didn’t think I’d be writing a second post this week!)

I know this usually falls outside my scope on this website; it’s not my weekly Ichabod-brings-the-laughs quote-of-the-week feature, but it’s not quite enough to write a full-out recap, either.

But I just wanted to take the time to highlight how much I’m enjoying how the writers of Sleepy Hollow are nurturing the friendship between Ichabod and Abbie this season. So consider this a little ode to our favorite apocalypse-fighting witnesses.

When you survive near-certain death with someone, you can’t help but form a strong union with that person, and Ichabod and Abbie are without a doubt the epitome of that. They come from two different worlds — two different centuries — yet they’ve forged a path together in spite, or maybe precisely because of it.

Yes, Sleepy Hollow is a show about a disparate group of people banding together to save the world, and we see our share of demon-slaying. But the parts that always grip me the most are the human element. And tonight, I think we saw glimpse of what makes that so compelling, because everyone is struggling with their identities in a world where they are no longer driven by their calling to save the world.

Abbie wonders what would have happened to her if she hadn’t become a Witness — would she have followed through with Quantico? (Or, as Ichabod incorrectly asks, would she find a husband? Heh.) Jenny’s testing the waters of a “regular” young woman by hitting the club scene, but as soon as she gets wind of Abbie’s new predicament, she jumps back on the mystery-solving bandwagon with Hawley, indicating she’s probably not going to be a party girl much longer. Ichabod and Katrina, not surprisingly, are having the most trouble dealing with their new lives. Not just because it affects their roles as individuals, but has implications on their marriage, especially in light of Henry’s actions and Abraham’s return.

Courtesy Fox

Courtesy Fox

Needless to say, my heart went out to them, especially Ichabod. He obviously loves Katrina very much, but it’s obvious he still can’t really trust her, and has been hurt deeply by her betrayals, especially when she uses their marriage in tonight’s episode to get him to help with Abraham. They are on such completely different pages about just about everything these days, and they have to figure out if their love for one another is enough to get over those obstacles, or if the rifts between them are too large to overcome.

Yes, Katrina loves her husband too, and I don’t want to paint her as the bad guy in this love triangle, because I don’t necessarily know that there is one, or that this is an official love triangle. I don’t know if Katrina has feelings for Abraham, because we seldom get to explore hers — she seems to me like she genuinely does feel pity for him and is trying to make amends for hurting him when she ran off with Ichabod. Yet, unlike Ichabod, she seems willing to use those around her to accomplish her mission; it’s for the greater good of all of them, but it’s obvious it’s not without its pitfalls.

And it’s what makes Ichabod’s position so difficult as well, because he knows she’s on their side, mostly, but her tactics are suspect, and may be sacrificing their happiness together in the process.

On the other hand, Abbie’s always got his best interests at heart, even if it’s in the spirit of tough love. And Ichabod always appreciates that, just like Abbie always welcomes Ichabod’s esteem of her.

Which is why the moment at the end of tonight’s episode really got to me. “No matter how many disagreements we might have, our bond cannot be broken.” He’s vastly more certain of his relationship with Abbie than he ever is of his relationship with Katrina. The conversations he has with each are a stark contrast: with Katrina, he is uncertain, angry and wounded, unsure of where they are heading or how they will redefine their marriage. With Abbie, he never wavers in his faith in her or their relationship, unlike his marriage.

I love how the writers have crafted their friendship. They have a mission greater than themselves, and it drives their relationship, and their respect for one another. It’s why Abbie can acknowledge Katrina’s actions, even if she didn’t like them at the outset, because she knows it’s important to Ichabod, while Ichabod knows Abbie is more than a husband and kids with a white picket fence, and that she has a greater destiny than her current employment status.

No matter what happens in the season finale in a few weeks, I know that with Abbie and Ichabod are going to come through the other side with a greater admiration of one another, and will protect one another at all costs. It’s hard to believe the season is almost over, but I can’t wait to see what the show has in store for us.


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