SLEEPY HOLLOW: Ichabod Crane vs. the 21st century, 11/17/14


Tonight’s episode, “Mama,” was decidedly Ichabod-light, since it dealt with Abbie and Jenny’s heartbreaking memories of and relationship with their dearly departed mother (sniff), but there’s nothing like a common cold to bring out the baby in our favorite time-traveling revolutionary to lighten the mood just a tiny bit.

  1. His tune about his cold might have been a little different three hundred years ago: “I fought at Saratoga with dysentery. I can certainly muddle through this affliction.”
  2. Ichabod vs. childproof bottles: never gets old!
  3. Ichabod is having none of this comfort business: “When I am rested, there will be hell to pay.” (Aw, Abbie tucked him in!)
  4. Ichabod vs. the Neti Pot homemade cold remedies! (Experts would probably agree with you on its usefulness, Ichabod.) (Thanks for the clarification, Anon!)
  5. Ichabod discovers the delicious wonder that is matzoh ball soup.“That is… somewhat comforting.” (LIAR. It’s the cure to everything.)
  6. Ichabod also discovers the joys of Ambien. “Thanks to the sleeping aids Mr. Hawley graciously forced upon me, I am feeling better.”

Otherwise, what a doozie of an episode! Even if we missed Ichabod, seeing Abbie and Jenny get some closure with their mother was touching. And how about that ending?!


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2 Responses to SLEEPY HOLLOW: Ichabod Crane vs. the 21st century, 11/17/14

  1. Anonymous says:

    It was “I can certainly muddle through this affliction.”

    And it wasn’t a neti pot, he was just breathing in eucalyptus steam. Probably Vicks vapo Rub.

    • Nels Nels says:

      Thanks for the clarification! I don’t have the benefit of DVR instant playback when I watch “Sleepy Hollow,” so I admit I tend to miss these things because there’s so much going on. Thanks for helping me out with the actual lines!

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