BONES: Celebrating 200 episodes with cake and candids!

Bones cast 200th

As you might have heard (especially if you follow this site semi-regularly, because TYLL loves the show), Bones is hitting a rare milestone in its 200th episode. Only two dozen dramas have ever achieved it before, according to the tweets coming out of the celebration. The episode airs on December 11.

“The 200th in the 10th” finished shooting yesterday (as per the cast and crew’s tweets) and today, FOX held a party celebrating the occasion with some of the people who have marked the past 10 years. The bash included an awesome skeleton-shaped cake and a banner with 200 pictures — one representing every episode they’ve done. FOX also released a quick synopsis for the 200th, that you can read over at Give Me My Remote.

Without further ado…

Check the mini gallery below, or the slideshow with all the official celebration pics, courtesy of Fox Flash.

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3 Responses to BONES: Celebrating 200 episodes with cake and candids!

  1. judyypowell says:

    The skeleton cake looked great! Loved how it was smiling for the camera!

    • Cassidy says:

      The moment I saw a piece of the cake on Twitter, I wanted a piece of it (is it a chocolate cake? I want some chocolate). Yet, it is so well done, I wouldn’t have wanted to eat it… I would have, but I’d have been sad 😛

      Loved all the smiles too! Judging from all the tweets and pics, they are genuinely happy about this (of course) and that makes me very happy. 🙂

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