BONES 10×07 Debriefing: “Bring it on over.”

Tonight’s episode of Bones welcomed back Oliver Wells (Brian Klugman), told us more about James Aubrey’s (John Boyd) past and saw Christine (Sunnie Pelant) calling her bunny (spoiler alert: and other people) a jackass, immediately eliciting some funny reactions from an alarmed Booth (David Boreanaz).

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THE CASE || A body is found in a “Dad” playground (i.e. only dads are supervising their kids) — more specifically, in a merry-go-around that’s stuck. When two dads try to unjam it, a skull rolls around to a nearby  toy truck.

From the skull, they determine the victim was wealthy and was missing his wedding ring. Thanks to some clever use of flesh and bone, Cam (Tamara Taylor) and Angela (Michaela Conlin) identify the victim as Toby Wachlin.

The first suspect called in for questioning is the victim’s wife, Annie (Charlene Amoia). She is freaking out and needs to breathe. She was with her girlfriends down in Miami when she was told her husband hadn’t come home. Later in the episode, she learns about her husband’s infidelity (with all the hookers in the afternoon rager) and cocaine use and she doesn’t take it very well. Yet, she loved him and can’t believe he’s dead.

The second suspect is Toby’s boss at the investment company, Mason Barnes (Gil Bellows). Toby made a mistake the previous week that cost the company eight million dollars. He directs them to Blair Ellis (LaMonica Garrett), who had also been in trouble for causing some losses to the company.

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Ellis’ first interrogation scene doesn’t go well: when probed, he seems to be quite volatile. Aubrey is skeptical of all his talk about  being a team.

Back at the lab, Hodgins (TJ Thyne), hilariously mistaken for Wells by Cam, presents some evidence that the victim had been around a fumigated environment. They also determine the perforations in Toby’s nose are because of the cocaine abuse.

Some other evidence leads them to a rare type of tree in DC (a Hungarian oak), and thanks to the previous pesticide find, they are able to narrow it down to a house near the victim’s office.

Booth and Aubrey head over to investigate, and are greeted by a barely dressed stripper — and lots of sex, drugs and alcohol by fellow investment bankers. Kaplan (Adam Bartley), a guy we see previously informing Mr. Barnes of a success, is there. When asked, he foolishly hoped they would never find out about these parties. The techs find blood traces in the back bedroom — and evidence someone tried to clean it up.

Meanwhile, at the lab, Wells finds a wound caused by a thin, cylindrical object that Angela later determines was a candle stick in the bedroom. Said candle stick can be linked to one of the hookers, Mackenzie (Lisa Datz). She is brought in for questioning, but she only admits to having stolen the victim’s ring and money to pay his debt (while he went to get $4,000 — he never returned).

Cam and Angela rehydrate an eyeball to get access to a locked file in the victim’s phone. (Toby didn’t want to give that in, so something important was there.) They find an audio file in which the victim had recorded his boss planning a bribe. Angela quickly explains that bribes like this can usually save you nanoseconds in trades, leading to gains in tens of thousands of dollars.

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Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth go to Barnes’ office to arrest him under suspicion of security fraud, and they find blood on his desk. Yet, Barnes alleges he always leaves his office unlocked. He also has an alibi.

Wells and Brennan determine from his skull that Toby was smashed a total of nine times against the desk . What they also see is something shiny: an emerald, as determined by Angela.

It turns out Blair Ellis caused that with his championship ring — the blood on the stone proves it. He came in early to work on some foreign markets and caught Toby stealing money from his boss’ desk (to pay off Mackenzie). The murder was an accident; he was just trying to teach Toby a lesson on loyalty — without it, we’re nothing.

JAMES AUBREY || In this episode, we get to know a bit more about Aubrey and it makes me glad they’re rounding his character out by filling in some of the blanks  – mind you, I think the writers (and John Boyd) have been deft at showing us an ambitious young man who is also compassionate and wants to do things right, but I am glad we now know some more about his past.

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He initially invites himself on the case (to escape some desk duty with paperwork) but, as the episode progresses, you can see the toll it is taking on him. As Booth tells Brennan over coffee, Aubrey’s father used to be a Wall Street banker, too, who owned an investment firm. He was arrested for security fraud when Aubrey was 13. The catch? His dad skipped bail, hopped on a plane to Croatia and left his wife, now a single mom, and a 13-year-old Aubrey broke behind. Brennan comments on how difficult it must have been for Aubrey, since she took a long time to process the fact her parents left her. (The difference, as Booth notes? Her parents left her to protect her, whereas Aubrey’s dad left him him to protect himself.)

It all comes to a head the second time Aubrey and Booth talk to Toby’s wife — after she is told about her husband’s excesses and infidelities. Aubrey reacts by telling her she’s better off, obviously projecting his own feelings — but it hurts her feelings (she loved her husband, after all, and can’t believe he’s dead) and he feels awful as soon as he says it.

And, as such, Aubrey leaves Booth’s office. When confronted by Booth, Aubrey apologizes; says he’s usually a good agent who was just out of line. Booth reassures him he is a good agent. He returns to desk duty to deal with all the paperwork, graciously removing himself from the case. (He won’t receive the accolades, despite being right about the bankers; as he himself says, “you know one, you know ’em all.”)

Yet, this is not the end of young Aubrey’s tale. In what was my favorite scene in the episode, Brennan talks to Aubrey (who initially thought it was going to be a pep talk) at the Founding Fathers about parents. Brennan tells him all about her own abandonment issues, how she was angry for years and she hasn’t really gotten over it: “The pain is always there. The challenge is to not try to make it go away. Fighting it is the problem. We fight to try and change the past or push it away, but the pain is part of who we are.” Aubrey does not find it comforting at all, but he appreciates it. She then uses a very “brainy” analogy, comparing it to the discovery of the quark and how it upended all of our physics theories — when we finally accepted it, we gained a better understanding of life.

Bones_ep1007-sc33_0080_preview“It’s not easy, Aubrey, but nothing of value is.” The whole show, and especially the relationships, can vouch for that. The fact that Brennan is the one sharing that nugget of wisdom is huge and shows how far she’s come since the show started.

Then, they share a couple of beers out of gratitude.

This was yet another well-realized storyline that thrived on subtle character work. It made me appreciate Aubrey even more, and it brought out interesting shades in him — I liked seeing him vent to the victim’s wife and immediately realize he was out of line. I really enjoyed how Brennan came to not-comfort him (and actually validate his pain) later in the episode, and how Booth continues to be a mentor to Aubrey, training him to be a great agent and reassuring him whenever he needs him — e.g.. like in the break room, when telling him that one mistake doesn’t impact how good an agent he is.

SQUINTERN OF THE WEEK || Oliver Wells is back and ready to take on Brennan — he declares his intents early on, saying he will become the best forensic anthropologist in the world.

Throughout the episode, Wells tries to find a piece of evidence that will render Brennan  speechless. The result is a very entertaining rivalry between the two throughout the episode, with funny remarks and burns on both sides. I could talk about them for a long time but long story short: they got their jobs done, despite the challenge.

Even after the declaration of his intentions, Wells seeks Brennan’s validation (she’s the best, after all), whereas Brennan is trying not to be too frustrated; it connects nicely with the Christine storyline, as Brennan swears at him so as to not hit him out in frustration (she did say he was a pain in her ass).

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Wells has always amused me because he is an unapologetic jerk, yet he is good at what he does — and despite having so many degrees, he is still searching for Brennan’s approval. Brennan, meanwhile, has now made it her obligation to try to destroy him, quoting a Spanish writer on how you can get more from your enemies than your friends.

I enjoyed this storyline tremendously, if only because Brennan got to be sassy and proved to Wells how truly great she is (he has a long way to go if he wants to be as good as her, and he’s realized that). Oliver’s obnoxious remarks always bring the best reactions in people (I loved Cam cheering Brennan for saying Oliver was a pain in her ass to his face or Angela teasing him when she found the murder weapon) and the best of them. They’ve found a sweet spot with him and I really like that. Plus, they keep poking fun at how TJ Thyne and Brian Klugman look alike and that will never cease to amuse me.

CHRISTINE’S SWEARING || Over on the home front, Christine is now saying “jackass” to everyone.

While playing with her toys after breakfast, Christine utters the curse, which raises Booth’s alarms – that’s a gateway swear word, one step closer to the four-letter stronger swear words. Brennan, on the other hand, argues for the use of occasional profanity as it basically has a good effect on your health (better circulation, more calmness are among the good effects). So now you know.

When Booth tries to talk to his little potty mouth, she understands, but she still contends her bunny is a jackass.

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At the lab, Brennan also asks Cam about how she dealt with it — using her colleague as a sounding board and restating she doesn’t see why children should be punished for expressing themselves in a non-violent manner. And, as mentioned before, she also swears like a sailor (even if mostly in her mind) because of Wells.

The whole storyline’s resolution is amusing. After her drink with Aubrey, Brennan comes back home just as Christine is getting ready for bed — she can also see Booth is cutting their daughter some slack (since her mom was not upset) and has made his peace with it… he will be mad when she starts uttering those four-letter words, though. As Brennan is saying goodnight and hugging Christine, Christine replies with a “good night, jackass” that leaves Brennan (and Booth) cold. Apparently, she’s been saying it because Brennan said she could — she’s even called her teacher that.

Since he is not getting involved in it, Booth picks Christine up and then prompts Brennan to explain why Christine can say this. (To Brennan repeatedly saying “Really?”)

A very amusing way to cap this storyline, and the episode.


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Tonight’s episode was a fun, light episode in contrast to last week’s heavier one — it was really enjoyable and had some good plots with connected with the others well. While I saw the case’s resolution as soon as I watched Blair Ellis’ first interrogation scene, I really liked uncovering the rest. I also liked getting to know more about Aubrey’s past (and I loved Brennan’s helpful advice) and Christine’s swearing was very amusing (all parents have to deal with that, sooner or later).

Odds and Ends

  • Hodgins taking a picture of Cam with the gut on her shoulder was pretty funny.
  • Also funny: Cam assuming Hodgins was Dr. Wells because of the curly hair and the beard.
  • Speaking of beards: the scene Wells and Hodgins share in the bone room, about Brennan and Wells’ competitive streak is a lot of fun. Loved Hodgins firmly supporting Brennan, knowing how after ten plus years of working together, no one has come close — despite being “beard buddies” with Wells.
  • I loved that Booth offered Aubrey a bite of his sandwich (jokingly) and Aubrey took it all. Aubrey and food are one stable relationship, heh.
  • How Angela (and Cam) obtained the face might have been gross, but it was really cool.
  • Christine and Booth had pie for dinner. It felt like something worthy of mention — those Booths sure love their pie, ha.
  • Brennan was really sassy tonight and I loved every second of it. I also loved that her stance on swearing came back to bite her later. (Kids…)
  • Other titles I considered: Anything out of Brennan’s mouth in her scene with Aubrey. Aubrey’s “You know one, you know ’em all” or “You’re a prince.” Christine’s “The bubbles are pink, jackass.”

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2 Responses to BONES 10×07 Debriefing: “Bring it on over.”

  1. Nels Nels says:

    Great job Cassidy!

    –> ““It’s not easy, Aubrey, but nothing of value is.” The whole show, and especially the relationships, can vouch for that. The fact that Brennan is the one sharing that nugget of wisdom is huge and shows how far she’s come since the show started. ”

    HOLY SHIT (heh), I can’t believe I missed that. As soon as I read that line, I thought “it’s just like the character development on this show!” but then you said it and I bowed down to you! Wow, I’m loving how self-aware Brennan is these days.

    Loved their scene together, and it was my favorite as well! I’m surprised by how much I’m digging their relationship. If I remember correctly, there’s an upcoming episode where they have to work together, so that should be a lot of fun, if this is any indication.

    Nice catch on Brennan’s handling of Oliver paralleling her handling of Christine — I think Oliver’s much more of a handful though! Poor Oliver, you try so hard, but that kind of awesomeness is innate, not learned. I love how serene Brennan is in it, too — it’s not just that she’s arrogant, but it’s that she can see how plainly he’s overthinking and trying too hard, and she’s just smirking from her throne. LOVE. Oliver is a total jerk, but I love that they all know it, and all put him in his place for it, especially Brennan.

    You know, the whole episode I was wondering where Christine picked up “Jackass.” My initial thought was Booth, because, obviously. Then, I thought, maybe it was Max, since he’s still babysitting. And then when Brennan went off on Oliver, I thought, ooooh, maybe Brennan is our dark horse! HA. It amuses me endlessly.

    This is the first episode I truly enjoyed this season, in that I wasn’t thinking at all about what happened in the premiere, other than the parallels between Brennan’s scene with Aubrey and her scene with “Baby Duck” back in season 4. It’s the new normal, and I’m okay with that.

    (I’m also pretty sure Booth was teasing Brennan about the pie for dinner… but on the other hand, it’s Booth, so maybe not.)


    • Cassidy says:

      I did rewatch that Brennan-Aubrey scene a couple of times to be able to write down what she was saying. It had so, so many great things in there — and I’m loving her self-awareness, too. Seems like something you would want to do: once you’ve experienced and realized something, and see someone struggling with that, you share it. What I mean is, I love she’s sharing her wisdom so freely and so openly.

      “It’s not just that she’s arrogant, but it’s that she can see how plainly he’s overthinking and trying too hard, and she’s just smirking from her throne.” I love how you put that whole thing — it’s *so* true! And heh, I can’t help but enjoy Oliver for being such a jerk. He owns it.

      Oh my gosh, I thought Booth but I can totally see it being Brennan. Who knows, it might be a kid from school! The whole thing amuses me a lot, though. (In my case, I know it was probably my grandpa, since I spent a lot of time with him… and now I’m sad.)

      You said that two episodes ago 😛 But I know what you mean. The show is back to (the new) normal. Even those parallels were well handled (and hey, even those had a lot of contrast showing how much she’s grown since then, too).

      Oh I know he was probably teasing her (I mean, that look they shared :-P)… But it’s also Booth. It could be either, haha.


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