SLEEPY HOLLOW: Ichabod Crane vs. the 21st Century, 11/10/14


If you thought an episode of Sleepy Hollow where Ichabod would get sucked into binge-watching reality TV, then have to accompany rival Hawley into a nightclub to track down a succubus would be rife with memorable moments, you’d be right!

Behold tonight’s chuckles from “Heartless”:

  1. Ichabod and Katrina gettting sucked intoThe Bachelor. “This is shameless groundling kabuki!”
  2. … But Katrina doth think Ichabod protest too much: “Is there more television of reality than this program?” (Loved Abbie’s retort: “As much as I would love to introduce you to the housewives and duck dynasties, we’ve got work to do.” Just wait until Katrina finds Netflix!)
  3. Ichabod vs. nightclubs — no matter the century: “Private dancing societies, provocative though they were, were not uncommon in my era. Though Katrina and I were not fixtures of the scene.” (I’d love to see him try to Viennese waltz at a club, though!)
  4. Ichabod is a big fan of aspirin: “The modern world has a vast amount of remedies and tonics. Some of which are chewable!”
  5. Ichabod’s surprisingly down with “getting lucky,” in the vernacular: “A. Macking. He was macking on a lady. Amber said the same thing about Marco [on The Bachelor].”
  6. Ichabod is a surprising wingman (re: Hawley): “He’s a brigand and a mercenary, but not without his charms.”
  7. Ichabod is down with the traditions of St. Valentine, but Abbie isn’t: “Now single people everywhere have to drown their sorrows in tubs of Rocky Road.”
  8. Everyone’s a critic, especially if they’ve been in limbo for 300 years: “Is this music for attacking the wall of Jericho?”
  9. Take Two: “Are the incessantly flashing lights why nobody seems to be able to find their dance partner?”

What were your favorite scenes tonight?


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