SLEEPY HOLLOW: Ichabod Crane vs. the 21st Century, 11/3/14


I’ve got a complaint about Sleepy Hollow. It’s too good.

It comes out of the gate with so many great lines right off the bat that I can’t keep up without the benefit of instant playback, which I unfortunately do not have while watching this live on Mondays.

Take, for instance, tonight’s episode. Ichabod Crane and modern American elections: WHERE DO I START?!

All this to say, all mistakes are mine. Blame Ichabod.

  1. Ichabod vs. voter apathy:  “I may lack the proper identification to vote, but what excuse do our fellow countrymen have?!”
  2. Ichabod vs. the popularity contest of modern American politics:
    Ichabod: This is more like American Idolatry.
    Abbie: American Idol.
    Ichabod: I know its name. It’s what it should be called.
  3. Ichabod follows Abbie into the voting booth, complete with a chart detailing the candidates’ benefits and why she should vote for them. Oh, Ichabod, you’re such a special snowflake. (Anyone else think Brennan on Bones would approve of his process?)
  4. Ichabod vs. voting convention: “No campaigning at polling stations is absurd! General Washington gave each voter a pint of beer at the polling station!”
  5. Ichabod vs. preschooler incentives for participating in democracy (e.g. receiving his “I Voted!” sticker):
    Abbie: Feel better?
    Ichabod: Yes, oddly.
  6. Ichabod vs. Katrina’s new skinny jeans:
    Katrina: You don’t like it?
    Ichabod: They’re simply a shade form-fitting.
    (Ichabod, tread carefully, as every married man before you will warn. Say it with me: “Yes, dear.”)
  7. Ichabod vs… Jealousy? “And what do you and Abraham converse about?”
  8. Ichabod embraces the modern encyclopedia: “I must access the internet at once!”
  9. Ichabod vs. dialup: “God, it sounds like a swine beast being strangled!” (SO MUCH TRUTH TO THIS.)
  10. Ichabod and Katrina embrace modern communication:
    Ichabod: This device is called a radio. Push this button and speak and I will respond.
    Katrina: Like magic!
  11. Ichabod still gets no respect from local law enforcement:“I told you to keep your walking historical society out of the precinct.”
  12. Ichabod would approve of two-step verification:
    Abbie (re: cracking the Hellfire club’s combination):They’re a freaking evil club! Try 666!
    Ichabod: Real lack of imagination.
  13. Ichabod crafts his latest job description: “I’m a criminal profiler with an emphasis on historical recreations.”
  14. Ichabod learned from his close call with Abbie a few weeks ago and performs CPR on an unconscious Katrina! Go Ichabod!
  15. As always, his fist bump with Abbie at the end was adorable — especially with the added “explosion.”

What were your favorite parts to tonight’s episode?


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