SLEEPY HOLLOW: Ichabod Crane vs. The 21st Century, 10/27/14


Sleepy Hollow always pulls through with a couple of quotable lines each episode, but tonight’s “And The Abyss Gazes Back” was chock full of delightful quips we couldn’t resist! We’re laughing our double jugs off.

(As always, all mistakes are mine. Sadly, the witty dialogue is faster than my poor fingers can type.)

  1. Ichabod vs. recreational exercise: “And to what shape are we labouring at this moment?”
  2. Ichabod vs. his  inner zen: “I find yoga neither soothing nor relaxing, nor do I appreciate the discussion of my double jugs.” (Can Ichabod please keep saying “jugs”?)
  3. Ichabod vs. getting in touch with his feelings: “I am… peeved.”
  4. Ichabod vs sharing: “War does not allow us the luxury of dwelling on our feelings, nor the downward facing of our dogs.”
  5. Ichabod’s entire post-yoga toast at the bar: “Much as I begrudge [Franklin] his posthumous fame, the man was an unbridled reveller.”
  6. So many superheroes, so little time: “Superman is Peter Parker? No no, that’ style arachnid fellow.” (It’s the delivery of “Superman” that did me in.)
  7. Ichabod vs. the Breathalyzer: “Ah! I do believe I won!”
  8. Studying urban legends: Smokey the Bear is right up there with the Sasquatch.
  9. Ichabod does not approve of today’s History curriculum: “How is it that the man who settled Kentucky is remembered as ‘the guy who wore a raccoon on his head’?!” (Again, his delivery sealed it. More of Ichabod attempting American accents, please.”
  10. They are not hamburger buns, they are hamburger double jugs.
  11. “He’s going though what you’d call a rebellious phase.” Ichabod re: son Henry’s current homicidal streak.
  12. Single person automobile. That’s what he calls a motorcycle. Could he be more adorable?
  13. Ichabod finds a modern way to let loose: “You are a scurvy louse! […] You slop bucket!  You are a no good pair of buns!” “Are you gaming online?” “I’m not entirely sure.” (I wish I had caught his entire rant, because it was gold.)

What did you like best about tonight’s episode?


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