THE AMAZING RACE Season 25: What We Think of the Teams So Far

The TAR25 cast, at the starting line in Times Square (May 31). Courtesy of CBS

The Amazing Race aired its fourth episode (and  leg) last week, and is airing its fifth one tonight, at 8/7c on CBS, so I thought this was a good time to talk a bit more about the teams, since we’ve gotten a better feel for them by now.

(The following is based on leg placement at the end of the Copenhagen-Mälmo episode)

  1. Kym and Alli: they are a very strong female team and I truly hope they go far; I am liking them more each week. They’ve been the first female team to win a leg since Pam and Winnie did back in TAR22 (still mad Pam and Winnie didn’t return for all stars last season). Thanks to some smart decisions (and others’ oversights), they had a great advantage over the other teams and also made smart choices with the cakes, aspects the others didn’t really realize were important until it was too late. There is a lot of potential here, and I can get behind them.
  2. Brooke and Robbie: they are definitely the comic relief this season. I find them entertaining (even if their complaining while completing some tasks wears me down). If they can keep this upward trend up, they might go far; they are definitely one of my dark horse teams.
  3. Keith and Whitney: It’s been four episodes and I still don’t know much about them. So far, they have been pretty consistent and have placed quite high. They seem nice enough, but the combination of costly, avoidable mistakes and the lack of overall screen time makes me wonder how long they’re going to be at the top.
  4. Amy and MayaThe Sweet Scientists seem smart and genuinely nice — and they do pay attention to detail. They’ve had funny moments (Maya turning around because she forgot the ingredients last week? Or how they drop to the ground when they accomplish something?) that have made them really likable and I’m genuinely hoping they go far. (Yay female teams!) However, they seem to be having trouble getting to the pit stops — they should have been second but got there fourth last week; something similar happened in the Shetland Islands.
  5. Tim and Te Jay: They might not be my favorite, but I appreciate their presence on the show and their occasionally funny lines. The fact they zipped through the roadblock last week was really impressive, and if they can pull more of that off, they still have a few episodes in them. Who knows, they might be a surprising team.
  6. Shelley and Nici: I wouldn’t have expected them to be the first team to have a big falling out in the race, at all. I thought that their profession as flight attendants would help them stay cool under pressure. I didn’t like their argument: I was inclined to understand Nici better. This makes me sad, because after the premiere, I found myself really liking them, but now I can’t see them going far into the race with their attitude problems.

    TAR25's new contestants. Courtesy: CBS

    Courtesy: CBS

  7. Adam and Bethany: an example of how quickly things can turn around (even if they left the roadblock in 6th place), Adam and Bethany’s placement in this leg doesn’t reflect their really impressive run so far — blame some bad luck and impressive legs by other teams. Bethany is a rock star and Adam is really good, plus they’re so likeable. I am so impressed. I am sure they will be able to turn this around soon (they are a much better than half this list); the wedding cake roadblock was unfortunate for them. Plus, they still have an express pass in their pocket and that’s a powerful tool.
  8. Misti and Jim: Since they still have a Save in their arsenal (thanks to this being a NEL), this leg was nothing sort of humbling for the pair. I want to give them props for still being supportive of each other even if they went from first to last in an unfortunate series of missteps. They’re another team I can see turning it around. After all, finishing in the top 2 (with two wins) for the first three legs is impressive.
  9. Michael and Scott: I feel like the injury would’ve forced them to withdraw sooner rather than later, but they went out on their own terms. Firefighters don’t have much luck in the race (at least in the last few years). They hadn’t had the best run.
  10. Dennis and Isabelle: I couldn’t ever see them winning, especially when looking at other teams, but I don’t think they deserved to leave so soon. They didn’t have enough power to pull the punting off and it cost them.
  11. Lisa and Michelle: I… didn’t think much of them in that first leg, and even if first-to-go teams usually make you wonder how far they could’ve gone, or how their dynamic would’ve played out, they seemed like the weakest of the female teams.

What do you think about the teams? Who are your favorites and who do you think will get the double U-turn?

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