BONES 10×04 Debriefing: “Please let a man have his toys”

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Tonight’s episode investigated the murder of a wealthy video game designer, gave some insight into intern Jessica Warren’s (Laura Spencer) life and also had Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) choosing an elementary school for daughter Christine (Sunnie Pelant).

But let’s quickly recap the episode, shall we?

CASE OF THE WEEK|| In one of the coolest finds I can remember, a couple of kids find a dead body (in lieu of topless ladies) when looking into some satellite images of a river. The washed-up body once was Hayes Robertson, a gazillionaire video game designer/programmer (who wore somewhat trashy clothes).

Bones 10x04Some of the suspects include Noah (Erik Stocklin), his roommate and childhood best friend; Anne (Alexandra Metz), the number 2 programmer and the person he worked with; Jen Park (Mandy McMilliam), their boss (even if she just appears once – they didn’t have enough evidence to bring her in); the motion capture minotaur Travis (Chad Michael Collins) and, Noah’s “girlfriend”, Chloe/Alice (Denyse Tontz)… who demonstrates why “it’s complicated” it’s an option on Facebook (more on that in a second).

The initial examinations indicate this was probably a revenge killing, as squintern Jessica gut-calls (it’s a thing). His bones suffered some blunt trauma, and both Brennan and Jessica find out that the body was dropped from a considerable height with substantial force.

Instead of using Angela’s (Michaela Conlin) multimillion-dollar computer equipment, Hodgins (TJ Thyne) and Warren use a dummy in a slingshot, lifting it up  and letting it drop with different amounts of force. This looks like so much fun (and I’m sure it was a ton of fun to shoot), but after a while they are able to know from which bridge the body was dropped, leading them to find the body’s missing arms.

Angela does use her fantastic equipment (and some extra help) to decrypt the victim’s computer files. They find out Hayes used to drive to the same apartment in the middle of the night – the apartment that was supposedly Chloe’s (Noah’s girlfriend), who has moved to the next town over under a new name. The team also find cause of death: Hayes was hit with something with a rounded edge, which caused some serious lacerations to the subclavian artery that made him go into irreversible shock while he bled to death.

(c) FOX

(c) FOX

Enter the plot twist: Chloe/Alice doesn’t know or recognize Noah. In fact, Noah, who’d only conversed with “Chloe” online, had been catfished by his friend into believing this girl was his girlfriend. Yet, Noah remarks this is impossible, since he kept talking to Chloe after Hayes’ death.

The team determines, thanks to Aubrey’s (John Boyd) useful video, that the weapon was the shield they use to motion capture that video game’s fight. As such, they’re able to also determine the assailant’s height and weight.

And that seems to be Anne, the person Hayes worked closely with. She was Chloe, or at least took over the persona from Hayes to keep in contact with her ex. Hayes considered them to be characters in one of his video games: he wanted Noah and “Chloe” to break up, whereas Anne wanted to keep it going.

SQUINTERN OF THE WEEK|| This week’s squintern is Jessica Warren, who we last saw in “Drama in the Queen” last season (in the penultimate episode). In this episode, we learn about her living situation (she lives with nineteen people currently!). She actually lives in a educational commune cooperative, in which she claims to be the least accomplished of the scholars living there. Brennan does know the doctor who is in charge and while she seemed wary of it at first, she comes around after seeing the logic behind it. (She even assists Warren!)

(c) FOX

(c) FOX

It turns out, the cooperative is breaking up as the doctor in charge is retiring. Warren seems to be okay about it, repeating how “without change, there is no life.” Yet, as she later reveals to Hodgins (and Angela), she’s just keeping it all inside: she is sad because these people are her home and her family, and now they are going to be spreading out around the country. So instead of Warren buying Hodgins an after-work drink, Angela invites her to come home with them, and share a drink with her new squint family.

That was a really nice bonding moment between her and Hodgins and Angela – one I really appreciated. Overall, she was fun and I was glad to explore her character a bit. (She and Brennan aren’t as different as they might think.)

CHRISTINE’S SCHOOL DILEMMA || Tonight, Booth and Brennan’s story revolved around finding a good school for their daughter. In a really adorable breakfast scene, in which Booth is trying to get Christine to eat (which Brennan achieves with some big words), Brennan is all over finding an appropriate elementary school for their daughter. (She, however, shuts down the possibility of taking her to the public elementary school down the street, due to its high student-to-faculty ratio. It won’t be the last time tonight.)

(c) FOX

(c) FOX

They ask their colleagues, as they are wont to do. Booth asks Aubrey about it (and the latter thinks Booth isn’t trusting his background check), but he is not really helpful. Brennan asks Noah, randomly. While having lunch, Booth and Brennan quickly comment on how many schools they went to when they were kids: Booth had been in 5 by the time he was nine, whereas Brennan attended 12 by the time she hit university and she disliked the lack of consistency. (Which would totally be my argument, as well. I only attended two, and that shift was quite something to get used to.) It was such a great moment between the two that did a good job of underlining why Brennan is so focused in finding a good school for Christine. It once again shows how she (and Booth) are not willing to let the past repeat itself and how they really want Christine to have a normal, happy childhood/life.

In a fantastic conversation between Angela and Brennan, while Christine and Michael Vincent are enjoying playing in the park, they reminisce about how they used to talk about sex but now talk about daycare. Brennan is worried she’s incapable of accepting new ideas, from Jessica’s commune-like living to Christine’s school. She states that a free-form school like the one Jessica attended would be a good balance for Christine, since she has such an intellectually rigid mother in Brennan. Angela gives her some great advice, saying how they are going to get blamed for everything, so might as well do whatever feels good to them.

By the end of the episode, Booth and Brennan come to an agreement: Booth will select one school from the extensive list Brennan has carefully researched. Booth does realize that, this way, he would be to blame if anything goes wrong. But before they can argue about that, Brennan proposes some tub sex, since Christine is in bed and this is all settled.

(c) FOX

(c) FOX

All in all, this was an entertaining installment, with some really amusing scenes and others that showed how far the characters have come. I liked the case, especially the plot twist, a lot. The storylines felt balanced and I liked the resolution for all of them. (I’m glad Warren is slowly becoming part of the team!) Even if it’s not a particularly transcendental episode, Gene Hong did a good job for his first one.


Odds and Ends

  • Booth and Brennan’s bathtub habits are still a thing, even if they’re in a different house! They also get mentioned a lot in this episode:
    • After Brennan and Angela reminisce about their past conversations about sex, Brennan comments on how she enjoyed some satisfying sex last night, that started in the bathtub. (Then comments how she didn’t think she’d like the tub as much… but there she is.)
    • They go have sex in the tub after settling Christine’s schools dilemma, as mentioned above. (Much to Brennan’s chagrin, he’s taking his beer hat, too. Hello, beer hat!)
  • I laughed a lot at Brennan saying that there was absolutely no room for any guts in her lab… while Cam (Tamara Taylor) was just removing them from the remains. (Booth’s amused expression was fun.)
  • (c) FOX

    (c) FOX

    Speaking of Booth’s expressions: his reactions during breakfast, to the different things going on, were priceless. (And fyi, “If I’m Chinese, will I still be able to skin my knees?” was a serious contender for the recap title.)

  • I do choose to believe Christine doesn’t understand the science babble her mom is spitting out, but knows her mom is saying serious, scary stuff she should not be doing.
  • Noah and Alice, the lady who he believed was Chloe, hit it off during the interrogation! Aw. Good for them.
  • Aubrey geeking out at the video game stuff was very fun. He truly knew his stuff. His selfie moment made me laugh as much as the still did. (“What are you into? Gardening?” — another contender for the title.)
  • I truly loved the slingshot and playdate scenes. They were so great. Hodgins and Angela were truly awesome in this episode, and this makes me so happy.
  • On that note: I really liked the constrast in Brennan and Angela’s ways of telling their kids to stop doing something at the park. Hee. I also really liked how, more often than not, it is Angela who pinpoints Brennan’s growth when she can’t seemingly see it for herself.

What did you think of the episode? And regarding the promo for two weeks from now’s episode… doesn’t it look like a lot of fun?





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5 Responses to BONES 10×04 Debriefing: “Please let a man have his toys”

  1. judyypowell says:

    There were so many great moments in this episode my head is still spinning! But a couple that stood out to me initially (there will be more on a rewatch) are the playground scene and the diner scene. It was so good to see Brennan and Angela having some girlfriend time outside of the lab. They may talk mostly daycare now but it didn’t take long for the conversation to be about sex! Good times. In the diner I liked how Brennan opened up to Booth about the underlying reason she wants the best school for Christine (besides the fact that she’s a mom and of course…you know…Brennan). This reminded us again why she craves structure having been in 12 schools before university. I’m glad she dug a little deeper and was honest with Booth about her real feelings instead of just using rational logic. Good for her.

    • Cassidy says:

      I definitely know what you mean! At first, I thought the episode had been good… but the more I let it sink in, it had some really great scenes. The two scenes you pinpoint are great.

      The convo between them… Can I have some more? Hehe, I loved how quickly it went back to sex.

      The diner scene is the best example of a scene I didn’t completely process until I had written this. I loved that they gave a good, very understandable reason why she wants to get the right school for her daughter right away. I guess it’s just one other instance of Brennan not wanting her daughter to go through what she went through… and I’m here for it 🙂 It was a great, little moment for sure.

      (But seriously, my first thought was that 12 schools meant she changed schools every year, or that she changed multiple times in the middle of the school year. Poor thing.)


    • Nels Nels says:

      I loved both of those scenes as well. Hell, I love anything that gets at Brennan’s psyche, and any references to her past are bonus points, too.

  2. Nels Nels says:

    Great job Cassidy! I totally forgot about the school comment really being symptomatic of Brennan’s lack of structure as a kid, and geez louise does that ever explain a lot about why she is the way she is now.

    Ha, I know you and I don’t see eye to eye on Jessica, so I’m not going to be a hater here. 😉 But it cracked me up that Angela and Hodgins now have their own Baby Duck, as it were. At least it gives them something to do, and maybe they can knock some sense into her, lol.

    • Cassidy says:

      I don’t love her, and I don’t really like her… but I do like her enthusiasm for the cool experiments, and the ending made me sympathize with her. (In my list of favorite interns, she’s well towards the end, though.) I’m still waiting for her to say “It’s so good to see you!” and be super nice and adorable, though. (I liked the actress in another project.) They do need to figure out some better uses/storylines for her, though.

      But ha! I hope that’s exactly what Hodgins and Angela do… They’ve done it in the past, right? So what’s one more.

      It does! It was such a quick comment but it had a lot of meaning. Poor thing. It definitely explained why she was so gun-ho when trying to find a good school for her daughter. It also made me sad, because poor Brennan didn’t deserve any of that (no kid deserves that)… especially since I’m assuming a lot of those changes were before high school.

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