BONES 10×03 Debriefing: “I picked you, didn’t I?”

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Last week’s episode brought closure to the long-running conspiracy and also honored Sweets’ memory with a beautiful and unconventional funeral.

Tonight’s episode, however, did not forget about him, but its overall tone was not somber — even though there was a theme of trust weaved in the episode, there was also some fun — it was just what you would come to expect from an episode!

[As always, it is a bit hard to get all the case details right after just one watch. But here is an attempt to a quick rundown of the events!]

Courtesy Fox

Courtesy Fox

Case of the Week || A conservative (and quite controversial) radio host is found dead under a bridge.

The host, Hutch Whitehouse, is not your typical guy: he makes money out of enticing the worst in people, and as it’s later revealed, he feels bad about it. The day he died, he called in sick. Also worthy of note: his radio offices are full with not-very-nice letters directed to him, which notably leads the team to find a guy who wanted a White America and was creating a bomb. Even if he admitted to doing it, Booth (David Boreanaz) saw through his lies but still put him away.

When examining the bones, the team determines the victim was into S&M. Booth and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) go to his “love” cave, in which they find many sex toys as well as bodily fluids, including his housekeeper’s (who is a dominatrix, too).

Courtesy Fox

Courtesy Fox

At the same time, the lab finds cause of death – his face was struck with a cellphone with such force it fractured its nasal bone (and its nose . To complicate matters, he had a ball gag in his mouth, so he suffocated to death.

The team also determines his body was stretched, likely when it was taken under the bridge for disposal. After some evidence that doesn’t lead to the right person, it is the host’s phone call to his producer what leads the team to the murderer: the pitch matches Alan Spaziano (William B. Vought), Whitehouse’s co-host, who says it was all an accident. (Further evidence against him: the bacteria on his cell phone.)

Even if I skipped over most of the details, the case surprised me: based on the previews (they didn’t really show a promo out of respect, based on how spicy some of the matters were), I was expecting them to be more salacious, yet I enjoyed the balance they had. I was interested and it was a cool, normal case to start off the season (and it had truly fun quotes!).

Squintern of the Week || This week’s squintern was Rodolfo Fuentes (Ignacio Serricchio), the Cuban defector that appeared on one episode last season. I feel like Angela (Michaela Conlin) described him best: “He’s eye candy. Deal with it.” I also really like him for other reasons, but more on that below.

Courtesy Fox

Courtesy Fox

In the episode, he first offered his condolences about Sweets (John Francis Daley)’ death — he talks about how his assistant back in Cuba was also like family, and Sweets was like a brother. Everyone is reminiscent about how good of a man Sweets was, until Cam (Tamara Taylor) shuts if off by saying that if they start talking about him now, they will start crying and they’d thus contaminate the evidence. Eventually, he and Angela are responsible for finding cause of death.

Throughout the hour, we also get to know some other stuff about him: he was forced to hide/eliminate evidence by the Cuban Secret Police – and he also made it up as needed! -; his brother was also betrayed by the police, which leads to a nice moment between Brennan and him (she thought he was propositioning again!). My favorite moments, particularly, were whenever he talked in Spanish — gotta admit that Brennan’s “¡Sí!” in response to one of his compliments was adorable.

Booth’s trust || Tonight’s other major storylines involved Aubrey (John Boyd) trying to integrate himself in the team and Booth’s lack of trust. I was very surprised by how well the two storylines were interwoven together.

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Courtesy Fox

When the episode opens, we find Booth hasn’t been sleeping a lot as of late – as Brennan mentions, he has been through a lot. Even if she tries to use psychology on him (and Sweets’ advice), it doesn’t truly work.

Aubrey appears on the crime scene, and is very repulsed by it (didn’t he know what he was getting into?): this is the worst thing he’s ever seen. Cam gives it a 7.5 and Booth, a 6, saying the floaters are worse (truth). Oh Aubrey, I hope you understand this is not the worst you are going to be seeing if you keep coming to crime scenes.

In Booth’s office at the FBI, Aubrey delivers some exposition as to who the victim was; he has run a background check on the victim because he wants in on the case – he also accompanies him to the crime scene, and helps the squints with case-related stuff.

However, Booth is not trusting people these days. As Brennan mentions early into the episode, he needs his world to be larger; he needs to trust other people (other than her, or his family). She is clearly worried about him, even mentioning he hasn’t been to church ever since he got back.

Courtesy Fox

Courtesy Fox

This storyline also brings my two favorite moments in this episode. The first of those was Aubrey confronting Booth (“You are an idiot!”) telling him how Sweets trusted him to work with him – if Booth is treating him like crap, then he (Booth) is treating Sweets like crap. Not only was it an awesome moment for Aubrey’s character, but using Sweets (a clearly sensitive topic for Booth) was a bold move, yet one I respected.

The other one was Brennan’s conversation to Booth before the murderer’s interrogation. Booth, fully counting on Brennan to go in with him, finds Brennan wants Aubrey to go with him. By using historical and anthropological arguments — about how some countries had to rebuilt after important events but they also reengaged and recognized they needed allies they could trust –, Brennan convinces Booth.

And just like that, Booth let Aubrey into the interrogation room with him.

At the end of the episode, in the classic Booth-and-Brennan scene, Booth is preparing Brennan a drink (one that is just like them, a weird combination that works, somehow) when Aubrey appears on their doorstep. He brings them a wine bottle to thank them both for letting him join their team but leaves when they offer him to stay – he can be obnoxious when he drinks, and he doesn’t want to ruin this.

I loved that, after he leaves, Booth compliments him and then teases Brennan about substituting her in the field (“Are you teasing me?” “I don’t know, am I?”), which I found to be adorable.

It was such a sweet scene, and this storyline was well handed; after all Booth has been through in the last few months, it was nice to see it wasn’t all forgotten and was in fact dealt with. What was even nicer was how Brennan was, once again, the person who brought him back, showcasing how solid their relationship is.

The episode, as a whole, was another solid installment – the case was interesting and it had some truly great personal moments. It also did good by Sweets’ memory (he is still very much present and a part of them), without having to bring him up constantly.

Courtesy Fox

Courtesy Fox

Odds and Ends

  • I found it timely that the girls who found the body were discussing university applications — it is about the time where seniors are taking their SATs, and applying for Early Decision in November. Oh, the memories.
  • Aubrey’s face when he was trying to not throw up (at the end of the teaser) made me laugh so hard. I feel like that would be my face, too. Or, maybe, the show has gotten me used to it.
  • I definitely agree with Booth and Aubrey: Whitehouse is not my cup of tea, either.
  • I mentioned it above, but it bears repeating: I really enjoy it whenever Fuentes speaks Spanish… It just amuses me, for so many (personal) reasons. (I do know his accent is definitely Argentinian and not Cuban. But I also know most people don’t know.)
  • KING OF THE LAB ALERT! Cam might find it passé, but I loved it when Hodgins (TJ Thyne) said it.
  • Booth and Brennan’s sex life talk alert! She nibbles his ear during sex and he enjoys it (he has a very positive reaction to it, at least). This conversation was great. (This recap was also called ‘A nibble is a lot different than being whipped’, not going to lie.)

    Courtesy Fox

    Courtesy Fox

  • I loved when Aubrey started talking about how cellphones have more bacteria than a toilet seat and going on a tangent with “Your wife is a fountain of information.”
  • Booth naming the drink ‘The B&B’ was very cute. I’d not mind trying it out.
  • If you are active on social media (either twitter or tumblr) -and I surmise you are- you might have heard rumblings of how the last song of the episode was sung by someone important to the show, and how it contained a hint for the 200th (this was the 193rd). So who was it? No other than Stephen Nathan, singing “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.” What do you think it means? (I have my theories, but I fear I’m terribly off.)

Other recaps you can read if you wish: EW’s by the fantastic TVMouse and Paul Levinson’s. This essay also has good points on the episode (via BuddyTV).


What did you think about this episode? Did you think it was as quotable as I found it to be? What are your theories on the 200th so far?


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6 Responses to BONES 10×03 Debriefing: “I picked you, didn’t I?”

  1. Diana says:

    Too much Booth and Aubrey – Not enough Booth and Brennan. The show has gotten away from what made it so popular and put it on magazine covers. If Booth and Brennan barely have any scenes TOGETHER anymore, the show is ruined for me. Also, we waited FOREVER for them to become a couple, and we have gotten very few romantic scenes! When we do get one, you better not blink or you will miss it! If they really want to give something back to the fans, they can fix that issue! We got to see more heat in those steamy looks they gave each other when the show started!

    • Nels Nels says:

      I’m sorry you feel that way. I don’t feel that the show has lost its core at all, and I don’t feel like the show has shifted its focus off of Booth and Brennan, either.

      We must have different definitions of romantic, because I’ve seen plenty of them in the last four seasons. Just because they aren’t rolling around in bed or up on each other half-naked doesn’t mean they aren’t romantic. Would I say no to a frivolous scene like that? Absolutely not, because it’s part of a healthy relationship and I think there’s merit to showing a little skin sometimes. But “romance” is also date nights and shared dinners at home and telling your partner they are your home, or making up cheesy campaign buttons to support their hypothetical run for the presidency or any number of things we’ve seen the characters do for each other over the last few years.

      If you’re looking for an actual PG-rated network-television-approved sex scene, you’re going to have to look to other shows, because it’s obvious that’s not what Bones is going to do, for a variety of reasons and many of them I suspect due to real-life considerations. It’s not wrong to want that, but I’m just saying you will inevitably be disappointed if you keep expecting it from this show. That ship has sailed, I’m pretty sure.

      Steamy is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t see anything wrong with the looks the characters give each other now — the loaded tension is gone because they aren’t fighting their attraction anymore; they are comfortable and in love and loving, but I also see plenty of heat, too. To put it bluntly, it’s the same, but different, and neither of those are bad things.

      I might not be the biggest fan of how they’re using Aubrey so far, but I like the character himself. I haven’t noticed any real difference in Booth and Brennan’s screen time now that he’s here compared to when Sweets or anyone else was around. It’s just that their scenes are more personal now (at home) than at work, and that makes sense for where their story is. Plus, this week was all about Booth accepting Aubrey into the fold.

      Again, sorry the show isn’t working for you. But, if you’re so upset over these issues, it may be time to move on to another show that will satisfy you. TV is all about bringing you joy, and a show isn’t doing it for you, my personal philosophy is to move on to one that will, because there’s no point in spending your precious free time involved in something you dislike.

      • Diana says:

        Thank you for sharing you opinion. I would not be disrespectful to Emily and David by expecting them to take off all their clothes on TV. However; it sometimes seems more like they are a couple who has been married for 50 years, rather than a couple who has gone through as much as they have to be together. I have seen other dramas where the featured couple has had some really passionate scenes- even Booth and Brennan had one in season four, it just turned out to be a dream. That is why I am not understanding why they can’t have some of those for real now that they are together. I guess I am still a bit hurt that they skipped right over that milestone moment without so much as a kiss. You are right, there have been some very sweet moments between them – I didn’t mean to downplay those. However; like some of the other fans, I was hoping for more – even some little touches here and there ( hand holding, his hand on her back, more kisses). I also did not appear to be the only one who notices that Brennan is more of a lab rat now than she used to be. I miss them being together throughout the show. I did not mean to offend anyone. I do agree with you; perhaps I will turn my attention to Castle. It is hard because I still love Emily and David, but I love the passion between Castle and Beckett – I would have loved to see that with Booth and Brennan.

        • Nels Nels says:

          Don’t worry about offending me or anyone here — I certainly wasn’t offended. They’re just different viewpoints is all.

          I guess I don’t quite understand the distinction between “a couple who has been together 50 years” and “a couple who’ve been through everything they’ve been through together,” because that seems like one and the same to me — they have years of accrued life experience together, as anyone would in a long-term relationship.

          Sure, it’s not the norm to not focus on the “passionate” scenes once a couple gets together on a show, but like I said, I strongly suspect there are other factors at play other than the writers “withholding” anything for the sake of teasing the audience. But, I’m just speculating and inferring, so I know as little about that as you or any other fan.

          It’s fine for you and fans to want more physical contact — I get that, and in season 7 even I thought that they could do more of the subtle things like handholding or arms across the back of the chair once in awhile, but now I think they do that in spades, and personally, as someone who isn’t big on PDAs, I don’t notice anything abnormal about how Booth and Brennan are portrayed now.

          And yes, Brennan is in the lab more now, but she has since season 5 or 6. It’s the nature of a long-running show: the stars needed a little more time off, since in the first few seasons I’m pretty sure Emily Deschanel in particular was in just about every scene of an episode. That schedule would have been too hectic to maintain, which meant they scaled back a bit and gave the rest of the cast more to do (and increased Sweets’ role so he could do some of the investigating sometimes).

          I’d bet Brennan still has as many scenes in episodes now as she did four years ago, only now they show her and Booth’s personal life more, which means those scenes have to replace some work scenes between the two of them. And story wise, it makes sense to me: Brennan started out wanting to be in the field to “live wide” and have new experiences in her professional and personal life. Brennan’s seen a lot in the intervening years, and she’s a scientist first and foremost; besides, they now have a young child at home, and it could be argued that’s affected her time in the field, as well.

          Castle may be the show for you. I don’t watch it except once in a blue moon, so I can’t comment on their chemistry, but if Castle and Becket are more to your style, then by all means, enjoy them together! Variety is the spice of life, after all.

          • Diana says:

            Again, thank you for sharing. One of the reasons I thought (and hoped) for a few good intimate scenes when they got together is because they have done it before. If you remember the season four finale, it opened up with a steamy love scene – it just turned out to be a dream. So they actually have gone there before, and I was hoping they would do some real ones – you know, make up for not letting us see the “dam break”. The honeymoon episode would have been a good candidate, but there was only one quick little kiss in the whole show. It has been frustrating because everytime it looks like we are going to get one of those scenes, we get cut off quickly or the camera moves away. Like you said though, it would be wonderful to see more simple things like holding hands, hugs, little touches, simple pillow talk, etc. I don’t think that a bed scene where they are just laying in each other’s arms having a sweet conversation is too over the top. I really enjoyed it when she kissed him at a crime scene! I have just been feeling like there have been a lot of episodes the past couple of years where we have had to wait quite a while for them to get a scene together. “El Carnicero en el Coche” comes to mind. That is the only episode that I have ever deleted immediately. I don’t mind Aubrey at all, as long as he does not dominate the air time, and take Brennan’s place as Booth’s partner. No one can replace Emily and David.

          • Nels Nels says:

            I understand your frustration, but like I said, I think there are more factors at play influencing what they do and don’t show on screen. Yes they did it in season 4, but that was going on six years ago, and all kinds of things have changed on and off screen.

            I do think they could easily transfer some of the teaser/closer scenes in the kitchen into the bedroom, and occasionally wish they would simply for a change of scenery, but for whatever reason they don’t.

            And yes, I’m sure there are episodes where they occasionally have less screen time together, and I think that is usually due to scheduling issues, usually when something is shot right before David Boreanaz directs an episode, and he needs more time off to prep for that. It’s an ebb and flow — sometimes they focus on the secondary characters, sometimes the actors themselves need a day or two off for other reasons, sometimes the story just dictates that the characters find themselves in different situations.

            The show has never stated that Aubrey is going to replace Brennan as Booth’s partner, and the last scene in last week’s episode confirmed that. Sweets never did, and Aubrey won’t, either. The writers know that the conceit of the show is Booth and Brennan investigating cases together in their respective domains. The show runners have never given any indication that they want to replace Brennan with Aubrey, so I wouldn’t worry about that if I were you.

            Again, it just comes down to different strokes for different folks. I really don’t have a problem with how intimate they’ve portrayed B&B, or resent not seeing something in the past. I understand why you or others feel that way and want to see more, but personally, it doesn’t bother me.

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