Monday Caption Madness!

Mondays aren’t always very fun, so just like last week, we thought we’d try to liven things up and engage in a little frivolity to begin our week.

In this week’s edition, we’re throwing a still from next week’s episode of New Girl at you. Give us your best shot! Be funny, be creative, be snarky, be yourselves!


Courtesy Fox


Nels knew how to operate a TV remote control before she knew how to talk. As a result, she has spent an inordinate amount of time pretending she actually lives on a soundstage. When she isn’t watching whichever show is currently capturing her heart, she is writing about how said show is currently capturing her heart. She loves pie.

One Response to Monday Caption Madness!

  1. Nels Nels says:

    “Honey, I found this Raggedy Anne doll by the dumpster.”

    (Lame, I know.)

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