SLEEPY HOLLOW: Ichabod Crane vs. The 21st Century, 9/29/2014


Tonight’s episode of Sleepy Hollow had more twists than a 1960s high school dance, but the only thing better is Ichabod Crane’s reaction to the modern world.

2×01 “The Kindred” edition:

  1. Abbie schools Ichabod on reality TV:
    Abbie: Not exactly up to Martha Stewart’s standards.
    Ichabod: Martha who?
    Abbie: She’s big in the wedding industry.
    Ichabod: Wedding… industry? So the blessed rite between a man and a woman–
    Abbie: –Has become a billion dollar business and some great guilty pleasure TV.
    Ichabod: TV…?
  2. Ichabod deals with the cray-cray in his life right now:
    Abbie: This is insane.
    Ichabod: Much of my life can be described under those auspices.
  3. Ichabod learns some new slang:
    Abbie: Just stay in line and go with the flow.
    Ichabod: Two statements which mean the opposite.
  4. Ichabod vs. the modern American banking system (and its tethered pens in its branches):
    “These people entrust you with their fortune, and you can’t entrust them with a pen?”
  5. Really, Ichabod’s entire rant about the lunacy of the entire credit card industry and the notion of encouraging people to live beyond their means. RANT ICHABOD RANT.  (Our current economic woes could have been avoided if Ichabod had been around.)
  6. Ichabod matching Abbie snark for snark about their next spell-casting:
    Abbie: Should we light a candle or something?
    Ichabod: If you want to set the mood…
  7. I hate when my ancient incantations don’t work the first time around:
    Abbie: Is there more?
    Ichabod: No.
    Abbie: Did you do it right?
    Ichabod: I followed the instructions. Look, I’m not the witch in the family!

In short, sassy Ichabod is sassy.

(If you want a real recap, go read Kelly Connolly’s excellent work at GMMR.)


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4 Responses to SLEEPY HOLLOW: Ichabod Crane vs. The 21st Century, 9/29/2014

  1. Cassidy says:

    This is the best, honestly… I can’t help but laugh out loud again.

    I love you, Ichabod. Don’t ever get used to this century.

    • Nels Nels says:

      Didn’t Ichabod’s rant about credit cards remind you of Brennan on “Bones”? Heh.

      Ichabod’s deer-in-the-headlights look will never not be awesome.

      • Cassidy says:

        Oh my god, yes. He totally did… and to be fair, he raises some interesting points (I *loved* the bank one).

        Sigh. He’s awesome.

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