Weekly Roundup: September 21-27

Weekly Roundup

Did you miss this? A feature we had running weekly in the spring, Weekly Roundup used to quickly summarize what I watched that week some of TV’s most noteworthy events during the week. However, we’ve grown and changed since then and it’s only appropriate these reflect this.

What TYLL has reviewed this week (aka our “debriefings”):


(c) Showtime

(c) Showtime

Performer of the Week:  I could make an elaborate case for many, many people this week – but Masters of Sex‘s Caitlin Fitzgerald blew my mind. Fitzgerald’s character has always been in the background of her own marriage (on top of her husband’s infidelity with someone she considers a friend). So when, on Sunday’s episode, she confessed to Robert why she had become invisible and how great it felt that he saw her (even if he might not like it), it was breathtaking. Fitzgerald’s performance in that scene was phenomenal and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Most Unexpected Exit We Should Have Expected: As a couple of posts in the next week or so will demonstrate, here at TYLL we’re still mourning Dr. Lance Sweets’ sudden departure from this world. Over the last seven years, we had come to love the shrink, so the last minutes of the Bones premiere were devastating and too hard to watch. John Francis Daley is such a talented young man that we wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d been written out the show anytime this season to take on his many future roles, but we definitely were not expecting his exit to come in such a traumatic and bloody way in the premiere. (Alas, the show’s shooting schedule interfered with his directorial debut in Atlanta.)

(c) FOX

(c) FOX

However, he didn’t leave us before imparting one last piece of advice: “You two… the world is a much better place than you think.” Sob. You will be missed, Baby Duck.

(But sure to check back tomorrow for a very special Meet Market Monday.)

Reality Roundup (Big Brother Edition): Even though the TAR premiere was already covered in a short recap on Friday night, it was not the only reality show I watched this week. Big Brother ended its sixteenth season this week (shortly after receiving a 2-year renewal), crowning a new winner – one that lots of fans agree is among the best players ever: Derrick Levasseur! He won with a vote of 7 to 2 versus fellow Hitman Cody Calafiore. I am so very happy he won; he played a tremendous social game and basically controlled the game while trying to remain in the shadows. Congrats!

(c) FOX

(c) FOX

Guest Star of the Week: I thought Rhea Perlman was really great as Annette Castellano on The Mindy Project. I’m glad to hear she’ll appear throughout the season. This is just me, though, but I do want to talk to Annette about her TV tastes. However, Mindy looking her show up and saying how it was a great idea for a show made me laugh.

Mysterious Thursdays: How to Get Away With Murder grabbed me, there is no way around it. I wish I had had the time to write a proper debriefing, but I enjoyed the pilot immensely. Viola Davis is terrific, as expected, even if there is not as much of her as I’d like. However, I am interested enough in that “future” mystery murder (I won’t reveal the victim but I gasped) and in the present campus murder as well. Basically, I’m in.

Funniest/Most Relatable Moment: Have you read Nels’ post about Ichabod vs. the 21st century? If not, you should. Ichabod Crane continues to be one of the best characters on TV, and his struggles with the current world are the best. So when the beautiful goodbye he recorded for Abbie wasn’t saved because the phone was lacking memory… I laughed, even if I felt sorry for him.

(c) FOX

(c) FOX

Most Beautiful-Looking Show: I loved the look Danny Cannon created for the Gotham world. The color scheme alone make it distinctive and remind me of noir detective stories. It is an unique vibe I like, and one that they can keep up in future episodes.

Rudest (But Not Really) Use of Twitter: John Francis Daley, stop. (Overall, the whole Bones cast saying goodbye to him is equally heartbreaking.) This. isn’t. nice. (I’m mostly kidding. But man, I’m still hurting.)

Quick Poll: What has been the most prominent trend in the premieres so far: Main characters spending some time in jail or sad, very sad premieres (ie heartbreaking twists)? Or has something else caught your eye? Cast your vote down below.

I feel like I could talk about  many more things, but I think the poll is a great place to end things here. What did you love this week that didn’t get a mention above?

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