Tuning In Tonight 9/25/2014

Nels: Not gonna even front, it’s all about Bones for me tonight at 8 on FOX. I can’t wait to see how Booth gets out of the pokey in this season 10 (!) premiere, and you best believe we’re going to have lots of thoughts about it. (Just wait for Cassidy’s review! She’s going to do a great job.) I’m probably going to check out How To Get Away With Murder on ABC at 10, because it looks appropriately scandalous. (See what I did there?)

Cassidy: I was going to joke around and pretend that I didn’t know what I was watching… but my fall shows previews made it clear. Like Nels, I’m watching Bones at 8 on FOX and I am pretty excited to see how the cliffhanger was resolved and to reunite with the team once again. I’ll also try to check in on Scandal at 9, even if I might wait to binge-watch a few, and check How To Get Away With Murder out at 10, both part of ABC’s Shondaland Thursdays.

Lucie: Oh Thursdays…my busiest TV nights of the week once everything is up and running. Tonight is manageable.  It starts off with Grey’s Anatomy at its new time 8/7c. I will try my hardest to write a review but no promises! I’ll have an hour to gather my thoughts before I check out the last show of Shondaland Thursdays with How to Get Away With Murder.  The promos haven’t impressed me but Viola Davis is amazing and I have found that when I’m disappointed in promos, I’m usually impressed with the show.

Thank You Liz Lemon Team

We’re a couple of girls who really love TV, and we’re okay with that.

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