BONES 10×01 Debriefing: “I fought back. You’d be proud”

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Things were explosive when we last checked in with the Jeffersonian team. I could go on an elaborate but quick recap of the finale here, but this Buzzfeed post actually does a great job.

If you are here, I bet you just want to get right to discussing the events that transpire in that fast-paced season ten (!) premiere, am I right? (Especially that ending. Oh god.)

We open in prison, where we see Booth’s (David Boreanaz) not exactly faring well. The inmates dislike him because he was a cop (or because he put them, or someone they know, in there). The guards dislike him even more because, to their eyes, he’s a FBI agent gone rogue who killed three of his own.

(c) FOX

(c) FOX

Meanwhile, the team exhume the body of Powell Cooper, who is someone featured very prominently in the data they’ve found in the nipple ring chip (sorry, I still think it’s an awesome and very inventive place to hide your secret documents). They hope that if they find the right cause of death, this will unravel the whole rotten conspiracy.

As the episode goes on, Booth and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) meet in jail, but they can’t touch. Brennan notices his injuries and keeps trying to bring them up, but Booth cuts her off.  She tries to talk about the case and how she has something slightly unorthodox that can get him out soon. Considering how scared she is that he will be killed in there, it’s easy to understand why she’s so anxious to get the ball rolling. Booth, however, is not very pleased with her actions, and urges her to get some evidence from Cooper’s body. (In a later scene, she mentions how his trial kept getting postponed, so her suspicions are probably right.) Despite the many risks, she still goes to talk to Kevin Brady (David Fabrizio), the prosecutor she has some dirt on. It’s such a badass scene that ends with the epic, “I’m new to blackmailing but I think I’ve covered it all.”

(c) FOX

(c) FOX

And that’s how Booth is released! The hug he and Brennan share is beautiful – I love seeing them embrace, and it has certainly been a while for them, and for us watching at home. But right after that, Booth quickly realizes Brennan did what he told her not to. They argue and it’s sad — they have been apart for so long, have missed each other, but this is what they can’t help butting heads. This was echoed by Brennan, who quickly quips that he would have done the same if she was the one in his place.

After this is settled, Booth and Brennan go home and we get our first glimpse of their new midcentury and very spacious abode. Booth loves it and appreciates seeing so many of his things there. I particularly liked how Brennan told him that she also used his money, since she knows how much that means to him.

Courtesy Fox

Courtesy Fox

Back at the lab, the team is hard at work on Cooper’s body. They’re able to identify that he wasn’t really killed by leukemia. They also later determine the bad guys were getting rid of the evidence proving how he actually died.

Back at Chez Booth and Brennan, Booth is anxious to get back to work and solve this once and for all, while Brennan reminds him the FBI still think he’s killed three of their own, before leaving for work herself.

Sweets (John Francis Daley) comes over to greet Booth; the latter is very grateful for his help while he was incarcerated: the shrink helped Brennan move, and helped with Christine (Sunnie Pelant), among other things. I love how much Booth and Sweets’ relationship has grown; it’s always had this brotherly quality to it. It’s front and center here: Sweets helped Brennan because that’s what Booth would have done for him – he didn’t hesitate.

But there is much more going on in this scene. It is pretty obvious Booth’s not his usual self: he’s edgy and jumpy and irritable. Sweets notices that, particularly because of his shift in values: Booth is usually all about justice and honesty, but all Booth wants now is vengeance.

Next, despite Brennan’s orders, Booth interrogates Hugo Sanderson (Sam Anderson), who they feel is behind much of this, and someone who is very well connected. After their conversation (which doesn’t go too well, and raises Booth’s suspicions), we get to meet the new FBI agent we’ve been teased about, Special Agent James Aubrey (John Boyd). He’s follows Booth around, but Booth is smarter than him and catches him. During their confrontation, Aubrey reveals he’s been sent to keep him out of trouble.

(c) fox

(c) fox

Cut to the FBI office. Stark (Sterling Macer Jr.) is talking about respect and trust -I’m sorry, but Booth has none for you at the moment for good reason, Deputy Director, and Aubrey and Sweets agree with me.

Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Brennan’s conversation that follows is pretty wonderful. Brennan addresses that it doesn’t feel as if she and Booth are really together, as work has taken a front seat. Angela tells her to show him he’s wrong, and that their life together still matters.

Booth is in Sweets’ apartment, discussing how Sanderson is likely in on the conspiracy. Then, Daisy (Carla Gallo) comes in and… she’s pregnant?! (Not much of a surprise if you knew Gallo was actually pregnant at the time of shooting this.) Booth’s reaction is pretty much the most adorable and sweetest thing -and what I honestly imagine was some of the team’s reaction’s to the Bs’ pregnancy news. In addition to that, Sweets and Daisy ask him to be the godfather. (Reminder of how much I love the Booth-Sweets’ relationship. Look how far they’ve come!)

Cut to… oh my god, is that a backyard? A balcony? Can they please use it in the future? Oh, sorry. They cut to Booth and Brennan’s room, which I like a lot already. (Here’s hoping this is the first of many appearances). They’re discussing the case while getting ready for bed; Booth is trying to take off his shirt but can’t, due to his aforementioned injuries. So Brennan offers to help and, as she leans in to kiss him, she promises this won’t hurt him. And with that, they reconnect after three months! Aw.

We check in the next morning with Booth and Brennan paying a visit to Glenn Durant, an ER doctor presumably involved with this. He is definitely is in this, right? Hiding something, as Booth said. He was acting too defensive.

And now, one of my favorite scenes of the episode, and one that now hurts way too much: Brennan and Sweets’ share a meal at the Diner. I loved everything about it; I loved that Brennan realized there was something wrong with Booth, and that she sought Sweets’ help as a friend, despite her very well-known dislike of psychology. Sweets expresses how Booth’s beliefs in honesty, honor and service have been compromised by the organization he served and trusted. Brennan comments and agrees on how it is as if Booth has died – which shattered my heart. In a way, a part of him has died; he is lacking trust but needs to start trusting again.

(C) fox

(c) Fox

My notes gush about how adorable this scene was, and how much I adored their rapport. “Mama Duck” and “Baby Duck’s” relationship has been another delight to watch over the years, and this scene was just as beautiful. I wish we had gotten to see some of their interactions over those three months, as I imagine their bond strengthened. Her comment of “You’re going to be a great father” to him was so sweet, and highlighted how much they’ve grown as friends in recent years. With the whole episode under my belt, I fear I’ll sob the next time that’s uttered.

Back to the case, Booth goes after Durant again. As Booth guesses correctly and Durant does admit to, he was blackmailed 21 years ago and didn’t have a choice to do this. The team finds the tapes that confirm this.

Cut to the new house! (Quick, someone give it an adorable monicker, like “Mighty Hut” Part Deux or something). Brennan comes home to find Booth and Christine adorably asleep together on the sofa, and Brennan places a blanket over Christine as Booth wakes up.

This sweet moment, is interrupted by some case talk: Cooper was possibly poisoned. Also, Booth? Two days is not a long time to solve this, especially given how complicated this case is. This talk is interrupted by Aubrey, who was sent by Sweets to inform them he found some connections, but the moment he told Stark about them, he was pulled off the case.




We are back at the Jeffersonian the next morning, but unfortunately, the people behind the conspiracy found a family member who supposedly wanted to reclaim the remains. However, Hodgins (TJ Thyne), who was ready for this (this is part of the conspiracies he’s spent more than a decade talking about) sneakily switched the bones out with some comparable ones from Limbo. This is useful, as by some science-y stuff, they determine Cooper was killed by his chemo treatment: the bad guys added some other chemicals that made it lethal.

The following scene starts with Aubrey meeting  Booth at the Founding Fathers – I love that it made an appearance! I liked how this scene hinted at Aubrey’s higher aspirations, which I can’t wait to see more of.

They know who’s done it, or think they will. Sweets is off to drop off some documents (my notes read ‘uh oh’); Booth and Brennan are going to interrogate someone who turned out to be a security guard at the hospital, but also someone who was with the Bureau during the actual Hoover era. They play him enough to get some information out of him — the Hoover



files, which should’ve been destroyed after his death, are still around?

The moment they’re seemingly about to get to something important that will tell them more about Sanderson and the whole conspiracy, Booth receives a call from Aubrey and both he and Brennan rush out.


And this is where my heart dropped and shattered and everything started spinning.


Sweets is down on the ground, bleeding out. He was attacked in the FBI parking garage – he shot his attacker but as a result sustained massive internal trauma himself. Finding him like this is shocking and pretty unexpected, but it is also terribly sad. I was paralyzed in place; I wasn’t prepared for that (much like in life).


(c) FOX

(c) FOX

It’s heartbreaking. In his last moment, he’s reassuring Booth that everything he went through (and is going through) will be okay; he is also trying to make him proud. It is such a beautiful moment, but I’ll be honest: I just couldn’t react to anything. I was so devastated, because seeing Brennan and Booth so heartbroken was making matters worse. Losing Sweets, a character I’ve come to adore, is a bitter pill to shallow.

However, I liked that his sendoff had such wonderful scenes with him that underlined his bond to Booth and how much he cared about him – his scenes in this episode are all about his friend, and his (mental) heath. So having his last moments focused on him after this episode (and after we have spent seven years seeing their relationship develop) is just so poignant.

(I can barely remember anything else that happened. I just kept shouting “NO” very loudly… Everything’s a blur.)


Courtesy Fox

Courtesy Fox

The last scene, as such, is hard to digest. It was overwhelming to see the team so utterly destroyed by this; it was terrible to see mom-to-be Daisy dealing with this — though I really liked how Brennan reached out to her right away. Brennan telling them to compartmentalize might seem difficult, but it’s the only way they can get through this. This show is usually happiness and rainbows, but it can be powerful when it goes dark fast.


I just don’t know how to react to this, honestly.

I knew John Francis Daley’s schedule was hectic, but it never crossed my mind that this could happen. While I can understand hating the turn of events, or the devastation, I am reserving all judgement until we see next week’s fallout – which we’ve been told is the resolution of the conspiracy.

I just can’t believe Sweets is gone, honestly. I know there were a million possible ways he could’ve left, but this is also a way to raise the stakes even more. He was such an asset this episode, had such nice scenes with everyone that this just made it all worse.

Oh, Lance Sweets. I’ll miss thee. You were supposed to be so many things.

Odds and Ends

  • I am sorry for such a lengthy and somehow detail recap. As I mentioned yesterday on my RBS piece, I hope to get used to it soon.
  • If you need some post-mortems, head here and here and here… it’s everywhere, really. Also, there is this video.
  • Also, for a much better and concise recap that explain everything about the case much, much better… head to Kelly Connolly’s at EW. It’s terrific.
  • It feels cruel to do this to Daisy and her soon-to-be-born baby boy. Soon after I learnt about that storyline, I assumed he would be taking a leave or something for awhile, to spend time with them. Poor Daisy, really. I’m glad they were given a few months together again, but I’m just so sad because she will now be a single mom and Sweets won’t get to experience fatherhood.
  • As much as I wish there had been another way to write him off, I am anxious to see how the show deals with the fallout next week.
  • About the episode: last scenes notwithstanding, I found this to be such a fast-paced, tight episode. It was intense and, while I knew I should expect something bad, it kept the surprise until the end.
  • The acting was also fantastic. David Boreanaz is doing a great job with Booth’s current predicament, and that last scene had some terrific acting all across the board.
  • Thematically, I can see why Stephen Nathan has said it is all about re-prioritizing: there are so many scenes that hint at it, but those themes start to become clear after a few episodes.
  • I really, really like the new house and can’t wait to see more of it. It feels strange to not be watching the Mighty Hut anymore.
  • I like Cam’s longer hair a lot! I also really felt bad for her in that last scene. Good lord, that’s terrible. It’s hard to believe Sweets is now another body laying on her table.
  • (C) FOX

    (C) FOX

    Caroline was in this episode and I loved how she knocked some sense into Brennan when the bones were about to be taken. (Give me all the Caroline. Always.)

  • James Aubrey, yay or nay? I like that he is a refreshing new presence, but it’s too early to say anything else on him.
  • The guy at the end… I would’ve loved to hear more from him. He also made me chuckle a couple of times.
  • Sweets’ death is to Booth what Vincent’s was to Brennan, right? There are a bunch of similarities there.
  • Brennan as Booth’s (and Daisy’s and… everyone’s) rock in the episode? Good lord, I adored seeing that. Her heart is just so huge. Her evolution makes me so proud. She was definitely the MVP of this episode, as this essay will remind you.
  • I honestly can’t think straight right now. I’m shocked and in disbelief, but sort of coping with it. I feel like I want to discuss so many things but I’m leaving them all out.
  • What a start to season ten, everybody!

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11 Responses to BONES 10×01 Debriefing: “I fought back. You’d be proud”

  1. Nels Nels says:

    You did a great job, Cassidy! It was like reliving the episode all over again. Which is unfortunate for me, because I kind of hated it.

    Well, not hated it, but I hated the ending, and it pisses me off, because I can’t concentrate on any of the AWESOME things in this episode. Like everything Brennan chose to be. Seriously, she was a freaking rock star, and I’m sad it’s going to be overshadowed by everything Sweets in the aftermath. (Meaning, I’m sorry I won’t ever be able to remember anything she did here, because Sweets’ murder is going to hang over it for me now.)

    Maybe I’ll be able to discuss it more in a few days when I don’t want to punch the writers, but right now, I can’t handle it. You did a terrific job of getting back to work, just like Brennan would want! Way to go.

    • Brennan was SUCH a rockstar in that blackmail scene, and there were so many great moments for all of the relationships in this premiere. I really thought were were watching the kind of episode where our characters are rock solid with each other as things fall apart around them. I didn’t think any of the debris would land on Sweets. So sad. Too sad for any other thoughts. Just sad.

      • Nels Nels says:

        I’m so with you there.

        I loved seeing all the various relationships at play, too. I LOVED seeing Booth and Brennan argue, just because the stakes were so high and it was so in character for them. I loved Brennan telling Booth that she didn’t do anything he wouldn’t do for her, so it was time to piss or get off the pot, so to speak. I loved Booth having a genuine, heartfelt moment with Sweets in their home. I LOVED Sweets and Brennan’s conversation in the diner. I loved Booth’s reaction to the Swaisy baby. (And I loved Daisy and Brennan.) I loved how noble everyone was in the face of the Big Bad.

        But like you, now everything is just sad. I try to compartmentalize (HA) the ending from the rest of it, and I just can’t. So, sure, that might be just like in real life, where sudden random acts take the people you love away from you — but guess what, I don’t watch TV for realism. Objectively, I understand why they did what they did. Absolutely. I just am not emotionally equipped to deal with it, so I won’t. (Yes, I am 5, apparently.)

        By the way, I loved your recap on I thought it was a valiant effort at getting down to business, even though it had to have been difficult to write.

        Sigh. So sad. So, so sad. I need pie.

        • YES to all of those relationship moments. Everyone felt so together in this, especially when Booth was so genuinely happy for Daisy, who’s always kind of annoyed him.
          And I hear you on the fact that surprising deaths are “realistic” but still so unsatisfying. Fiction can give death MEANING. That’s why it’s sometimes a little better than real life 🙂
          Oh and thanks! It was so hard to write. A friend is visiting this weekend, and I was initially like, “This is fine, I’ll just write up something really quickly after Bones ends and then we’ll hang,” but instead she ended up watching me rewind the DVR to catch details as I yelled some combination of “NOOO” and “I DON’T CARE ANYMORE” at my screen.

          • Nels Nels says:

            OK, so you must be some sort of shaman or whatever, because you’re making me laugh even though I hate everything right now. “I DONT CARE ANYMORE” is right. Oh man, I had the same thought process as you — bang out a quick post for another site, then maybe catch Scandal and/or How To Get Away With Murder to write a review for this site, easy peasy, be in bed by midnight. Well then this happened and I sat there staring at my screen for two hours in between ranting on Twitter and messaging poor Cassidy who was writing her first review. I’m a great friend!

            I admire your steel ovaries for watching the episode again. I can’t bring myself to do it, don’t know if I’ll be able to to be honest!

            Uuugh, Booth and Daisy gave me feelings even before Sweets got bumped off! I was all, “OMG they’re friends now and Daisy isn’t irritating and he’s melting at the thoughts of a Sweets baby SEND HELP BOOTH IS A MARSHMALLOW.” Then, of course, they ripped my heart out, and I don’t know what to do with myself.

            Emotional pain affects grammar. It’s a scientific fact!

      • Cassidy says:

        I agree completely with all of this, but I feel like ” I really thought were were watching the kind of episode where our characters are rock solid with each other as things fall apart around them.” perfectly captures what I thought the episode would be going into it.

        That Sweets was a victim of this was a punch in the gut that makes me so, so upset. I can barely think about anything else, even if this episode had some truly great scenes because that was just… too much.

    • Cassidy says:

      Thanks so much, Nels!!

      I totally get it. I had part of this written when the ending happened, and I was too in shock and upset to even move, let alone write this. But as I was writing the recap, I kept remembering how awesome the episode was: Brennan was the MVP, rocking every scene; Sweets had such wonderful material.

      Alas, Sweets’ murder is going to overshadow everything else for awhile, but that’s also true for the characters, in a way. I am still too upset to think about anything.

      (I can only ramble about how upset I am at this moment. Aw.)

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