Tuning In Tonight: 09/23/14

Nels: I’m tuning into New Girl  at 9, and curiosity’s got the best of me, so I’ll probably be catching The Mindy Project afterwards to see just what force of nature gave us Danny Castellano…


Cassidy: I’ll probably have a study break to watch FOX’s two hip comedies, New Girl and The Mindy Project, starting at 9/8c. They both had promising premieres and I can’t wait to see how they continue. Plus, Mindy will introduce us to Danny’s mom, played by Rhea Perlman — that’s pretty cool.


Lucie:  I might give the season premiere of Agents of SHIELD a look on ABC at 9, though I find I generally enjoy it more when I can binge-watch it all at once.

Thank You Liz Lemon Team

We’re a couple of girls who really love TV, and we’re okay with that.

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