Tuning In Tonight: 09/21/14

Nels: Other than a little Sunday evening football, I’m going to give the premiere of Madam Secretary a shot tonight. Bring on the political drama and crazy plot twists! (And that’s just the football! Bada-ching!) I’m also finally — finally — catching up on season 2 of Orphan Black. Three more episodes to go!

Cassidy: If the football overruns aren’t too annoying, I will probably check Madam Secretary and The Good Wife‘s premieres on CBS. I don’t have Showtime, so no Masters of Sex for me until later this week. It feels good to have most shows finally coming back!

Lucie: Three hours of TV for me tonight! The Amazing Race Canada wraps up its second season tonight on CTV and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t mind if any of the three teams won. I can’t remember the last time (if ever) I could say that about reality TV! I’ll be tuning into the season premiere of The Good Wife and if the guide on the TV is correct (it’s been hit and miss lately), I’ll watch the rerun  Madam Secretary as it’s currently says it’ll be reaired at 9:30c. That doesn’t seem right, so it looks like I may be catching it On Demand later this week.

Thank You Liz Lemon Team

We’re a couple of girls who really love TV, and we’re okay with that.

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