MASTERCHEF’s Top 3: Who do you think will win?


In preparation for tonight’s exciting finale, how about we quickly discuss this top 3 and who we think we will win it all? Click away!

Last week, we got down from the top five to the top three and I can’t say I’m too displeased with it. Actually, it’s quite fair seeing their personal trajectories and evolutions within the show. [For those who don’t know or need a refresher, the top 3 is Courtney Lapresi, Elizabeth Cauvel and Leslie Gilliams.]

Courtney, Leslie and Elizabeth (L-R) holding the cookbook they might win if they become the next Masterchef. Courtesy: FOX

Courtney, Leslie and Elizabeth (L-R) holding the cookbook they might win if they become the next Masterchef. Courtesy: FOX

Who would have told Cutter (and the audience, for that matter) that he would get to be in the Top 4 of this season of Masterchef, and that he’d be so close to almost being in the top 3? The Texas native seemed to escape elimination by so, so little for a good part of the season (which helped gain him admirers and haters), so it was impressive to start to see him rebound till he beat some stronger people. Congrats, Cutter! I certainly wouldn’t have expected you to make it so far, but your evolution has been a delight to watch.

And Christian — I hope you get to open your food truck. You will certainly be missed… It’s hard to see people go when their main ingredient is so well prepared but the rest of the dish pulls them down.

Leslie Gilliams. Courtesy: FOX

Leslie Gilliams. Courtesy: FOX

Let’s start talking about the actual top 3.
Leslie has seemingly gotten the villain edit on the show (… or has he?), and while I recognize that, I still have mixed feelings with the guy: he could have really fun, really sweet moments… and then he would have some terrible comments. I’m torn.

However, this is Masterchef, not Masternice, and Leslie has survived so many pressure tests (he said it last week: he works better under pressure!) and excelled at many of the competitions. He might not be the favorite to take the title, but he earned his spot… He’s also the third person with the most wins this season; the top two are the other two ladies below.

Courtney Lapresi. Courtesy: FOX

Courtney Lapresi. Courtesy: FOX

As for the two girls, is there any way they were not going to get here? This has to be what the season has been building towards. (Not dissimilar to Jessie-Natasha last year, though Luca had truly been shining those last few weeks whereas Jessie’s nerves were getting the best of her… Luca’s journey -and accents- was one of my favorite things to watch last year.)

Throughout the season, they’ve risen as the two forces to be reckoned with: Courtney was the early contender/favorite, but stumbled for a couple of episodes before rising again. Elizabeth flew under the radar for a few episodes, but then started to consistently win competitions and be at the top.

They also somewhat complement each other: Courtney has won more individual competitions than Elizabeth (including the very first one!); yet the latter has managed to always be on the winning team and hasn’t cooked one pressure test… in fact, she’s never been at risk of being eliminated, whereas Courtney was really close once.

I don’t know if I can objectively choose between the two; they both have different cooking styles. I have really rooted for Elizabeth this whole season, as Courtney’s attitude at times have bugged me, and I’ve liked Elizabeth’s journey more; yet, I can see why either could get the title: they have both grown immensely as cooks and are fantastic at this.

Elizabeth Cauvel. Courtesy: FOX

Elizabeth Cauvel. Courtesy: FOX

That’s not to say the finale is guaranteed to be between the two ladies (Leslie could perfectly sneak in!), but that would be my personal pick (plus a third place for Leslie). The rivalry between them would fuel an exciting clash of titans and would make for a great and unpredictable result.  They didn’t want to face each other on a pressure test, to begin with. So this would be the first time they’re competing against each other and the stakes are quite high.

A Leslie-either of the ladies finale would also have some really interest because, as much as some might dislike him, he has this underdog quality to him that’s hard to deny. Yet he would still not be the favorite to win it all because of the lack of consistency.

It’s hard to choose! As I said, you can’t really go wrong with these participants. All three are deserving and I will be anxiously waiting to see who takes the big prize on Monday night.

(My final choices: Elizabeth and Courtney in the finale, with the NY advertising executive taking it all.)

Who are you rooting for to win the 250K, the title and the cookbook? Who was the contestant you were most sorry to see go?

You can watch the contestants talk about their experience on the Masterchef kitchen in the following links: Courtney, Leslie, Elizabeth.

Masterchef US’ fifth season ends with a double episode tonight at 8/7c. (They’re casting for a 6th season, so it’s safe to say it’ll be back next summer!)


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