We’re true to our school!


It’s September, folks! And you know what that means — the air is crisp, the leaves are turning, and it’s back to school time for students young and old.

Today, we thought we’d revisit some of our favourite TV schools. Maybe they’ve got the raddest principal in all the land, maybe they’re the scene of our most embarrassing moments, maybe they house murderers and demons, but no matter what, they’ve  become characters in their own right.

Make sure you get to class before the bell rings, and grab a seat before they’re all gone!

Bayside High (Saved By The Bell series)

It’s the ultimate in California cool! With a principal like Mr. Belding, you’re sure to find your way through the treacherous hormone-infested waters of high school, even with some bumps on the way. Whether it’s overdosing on caffeine pills or glee club trips to Hawaii, there is never any shortage of mischief and memories with Zack Morris and the gang around.

Degrassi Junior High/High/Community School (Degrassi series)

It’s so cute it must be Canadian! Over the two-plus decades Degrassi has been on the air, it’s seen everything from pimples and mullets to epileptic seizures and suicides and STD outbreaks and school shootings. Plus, one of its wheelchair-bound heartthrobs turned into an international rap star. Who knew Toronto could be so exciting?

Neptune High (Veronica Mars)

Ah, Neptune. Land of swimming pools and movie stars and murder and mayhem. You know, the usual. While the Oh-Niner residents of the California coastal town might rule the school, teen sleuth Veronica Mars does her best in the first two seasons of the show (before The College Year) to unearth the secrets of its hallowed halls. Or at the very least bring her friends down from the flagpole. (I always wanted to go to a school where the cafeteria was in a courtyard.)

Anchor Beach Community Charter School (The Fosters)

It’s a K-12 school, meaning your entire school career could literally be on the beach! Other perks: calling your teacher by their first name, an assortment of after school activities to suit anybody and everybody, and a really hot vice-principal. (Lena, don’t quit! Come back!) Downsides: typical high school cliques, you’ll always have sand in your bags, and that long-ass name. ABCCS doesn’t really roll off the tongue now, does it?

Sunnydale High (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

As if high school weren’t treacherous enough for teenagers, Sunnydale High bears the unique distinction of also being a Hellmouth. In other words, it’s the ghoulish epicentre of all your vampiric action. Plus, Calculus. And you thought your school was rough.

Eastland School (Facts of Life)

With a housemother like Mrs. Garrett, who wouldn’t want to go to an all-girls boarding school? It’d be like living with your grandma. Except for, you know, the hundreds of other teenage girls confined to the space and the inevitable cattiness that entails. Still, if I got to roller skate inside my dorm like Tootie, maybe I would have had more fun.

Breaker High (Breaker High)

It’s a school. On a cruise ship. With Ryan Gosling. Enough said.

William McKinley High School (Glee)

Again, teen pregnancies! Shootings! Football tryouts! Except, with singing! All the time! Consider these exclamation marks jazz hands. Maybe if my school’s football team broke out into “Single Ladies,” I would have actually gone to games.

West Beverly High (Beverly Hills 90210)

Pretty much the iconic teen drama high school setting, West Beverly and its privileged alumni deal with everything from school dances to domestic abuse. Moving from Minnesota to LaLa Land is enough of a culture clash as it is, no wonder the Walshes had to decompress at the Peach Pit after school.

Summer Heights High (Summer Heights High)

Student life down under isn’t much different than it is stateside. With people like Ja’mie, Mr. G and Jonah roaming the halls, schools is anything but dull.

Springfield Elementary (The Simpsons)

It might just be the longest running school on television. Sure, you have to deal with bullies like Nelson. But, you also get to benefit from the wisdom of Mrs. Krabappel, and you have to admit it’s pretty easy to get out of a jam with Principal Skinner. At least if you’re Bart Simpson. And Groundskeeper Willie is an unexpected ally. The lunches may be questionable, as are the detentions techniques, but it’s worked out well for Bart and Lisa for a quarter century, so they must be doing something right. (Then again… don’t these kids ever graduate?)


What school holds a special place in your heart? Let us know!

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  1. Cassidy says:

    The Dillon HS is the first that comes to mind that wasn’t mentioned here.
    And the Recess Elementary school, too! That was a cool playground.

    • Nels Nels says:

      How could I forget Dillon High! Man, we should all be so lucky to have a guidance counsellor, or principal, like Tami Taylor.

      (Those kids also drank and were let free a lot more than most sophomore or juniors I knew…)

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