Everywhere you look… There may be more Tanners awaiting for you: FULL HOUSE on the comeback?

full house cast 2

In some amusing timing after last week’s Flashback Friday post on Full House, TV Guide is reporting that the Tanners may be set to return to the small screen.

Now, it seems like rumors such as these pop up every few years, so take this news with a grain of salt, but given the success of Girl Meets World this summer on the Disney Channel, it shouldn’t be surprising at all that Warner Brothers wants to jump on the 90s nostalgia bandwagon.

Does this mean Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper  is next? Are we about to see a grownup Steve Urkel, now a fabulously wealthy dot com CEO, throw shade at all his former haters?  (This is Hollywood, after all.)

Do you want to see a Full House reboot? Any other TGIF-era sitcoms you want to see back on your television sets?


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