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Courtesy FOX.

Introducing a new feature to TYLL! Our lovely Cassidy gives you the rundown on the shows you should, in her not so humble opinion, be watching. 

The Belcher family, from Bob's Burgers. Courtesy of FOX.

The Belcher family, from Bob’s Burgers.
Courtesy of FOX.

Show: Bob’s Burgers

Created by Loren Bouchard.

Starring: H. Jon Benjamin (Bob), John Roberts (Linda), Dan Mintz (Tina) Eugene Mirman (Gene) Kristen Schaal (Louise).

Original Premiere Date: January 9, 2011

Status: Renewed for a fifth season. Coming back this fall.

Time Slot: Part of the (former) Animation Domination block on FOX. Airing this fall on Sundays at 7.30/6.30pm central.


Elevator Speech Version: Much like other animated shows, Bob’s Burgers doesn’t have an intricate storyline, so you don’t need to watch all episodes to know what’s going on. The eponymous title refers to Bob Belcher’s struggling burger joint – which, despite serving amazing burgers, lacks good promotion. (The kids don’t help, either.) However, the show is as much about the restaurant as it is about the Belchers’ adventures and the quaint inhabitants of this little East Coast town.

Look For… Different establishments and pesticide companies in the intro credits, as well as some special treats (like songs and dances) in the final credits. The Burgers of the Day within the show are also great. So many puns.

Why You Should Check It Out: It is a fun show that always make me smile. Yes, it might be following another wacky family, but also has a lot of heart and likeable characters. As episodes go by, you truly see the characters evolve and you become invested with this family and their lives, and that’s truly refreshing. Plus, catchy songs! The show excels at using music, of any genre.

Bob's Burgers. Courtesy of FOX.

Bob’s Burgers. Courtesy of FOX.

My history with the show is fun: I almost started it many times, but never managed to commit. However, after catching the pilot and a few other episodes on TV this summer, I wanted more and so I marathoned it because I felt compelled to follow this world more in depth… I was very amused by it! And lord, do I love the characters’ little idiosyncrasies that make them who they are: Linda bursting into song, Louise’s psychopathic tendencies as well as her Machiavellian manipulation, Gene and his hedonism, how Tina is very relatable and the heart of the show, etc. Actually, I really like the show’s portrayal of teens/tweens. It just feels right.

Another thing to note is the voice work is really great (especially considering how most of the actors are male, even for female roles) and the guest stars they’ve been able to snatch are pretty awesome… I mean, what other show has had Jon Hamm in an uncredited cameo as a talking toilet? Or how Cyndi Lauper sang one of the final credits’ songs (parodying her Goonies song)? (Also appearing: Jeffrey Tambor, Megan Mullally, Kevin Kline, and many other awesome people.)

Fun fact: The original pilot had the Belchers be cannibals. Tina, the eldest child, was a boy. As for a cool internet find, this infographic making an educated guess as to how much Bob and co. pay for the rent is just astonishing.

Where: Legally, Netflix has seasons 1 through 3 (as of right now), Hulu Plus has all seasons. Streaming online for free, you should try (but use adblock).

This show gets so much right, and it’s hard to not outright spoil the little surprises that come your way. The show, as many new ones, took a bit to find its groove, but after it does, it is just a fine little gem hiding in the Fox schedule. Just… try it out.

Bob’s Burgers comes back on October 5th  Fox, 7:30pm, Eastern time. 

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