Weekly Roundup May 17-May 30

Weekly Roundup


Long time, no post! Due to Memorial Day Weekend and other commitments, I was unable to finish the column in time last week, and considering there is not going to be much tv in coming weeks – except for a couple of reality competitions I’m following – this is also likely the last roundup piece till mid June, when 1) shows announce premiere dates; 2) GOT, Veep, Cosmos and Orphan Black are done. Anyhow, read ahead for many thoughts on the Bones, TAR finales and the Masterchef premiere, as well as some quick thoughts on all cable shows.

  • Orphan Black:  I am not a great recapper and also don’t want to outright reveal anything for those who haven’t watched yet, but these last two episodes have been very enjoyable. I’ve liked the Sarah-Helena pairing (to be fair, Helena-anyone is one of the best things on the show) a lot lately; I liked the last scene in episode 5 and I loved their roadtrip in episode 6. Actually, what I’ve enjoyed the most in these two episode is not only the evolving mythology, but the odd pairings we’ve been treated too: Cosima and Sarah (and that particularly emotional phone call), Felix and Art, Alison and Vic (who was fun, even if it still feels as if he doesn’t fit within the universe), Helena and Jesse (Helena combining all her fellow clones’ backstory was good, but Jesse liking her anyways was as great), Paul and Prolethean guy or Paul and Mrs. S… and I could keep going  — I really like it when shows explore pairings that could realistically meet on screen but most of the times don’t, and it does help the plot. Moreover, there is enough mystery that’s been set up that the last few episodes this season promise to be
    Host Phil Kheogan, Winners Dave and Connor. Courtesy of CBS.

    Host Phil Kheogan, Winners Dave and Connor.
    Courtesy of CBS.

    explosive. I’m particularly excited about Duncan’s reveal about Leekie.

  • Reality Roundup (TAR edition): congratulations to Dave and Connor, very much deserving winners of TAR24. But there is not a nice way to say this: man, was that a lame final leg. The tasks were pretty weak and didn’t require any type of skill (just luck for Copperfield’s and a bit of strength with the lightbulbs at the Mirage) and I can’t still shake up the rage that the result (which was the correct one in the end!) was all because of how good or not your taxi driver was (Jen and Caroline’s was a rockstar whereas Brendon and Rachel’s… wasn’t) and that Dave and Connor’s got ahead of the Blondes by a few seconds. Where was the memory task?! Sigh. I wish it had had more.
  • Bourne Bones: At one point in the next few weeks, there will be a post about the finale and discussion/”analysis” on what the finale might have meant. But first, I need to get all my notes together. But let’s briefly discuss the episode here: I thought it was a strong finale, with an interesting final twist/cliffhanger that, as the exec producers teased, changes the heroes/villains landscape on the show. I thought that the in media res start was a good way to build anticipation and momentum – not about Booth’s condition but in a, ‘what happened?’ way. Moreover, the unsettling feeling the episode had, highlighted by the conspiracy aspect, as well
    Bones' Mighty Hut. Courtesy of FOX.

    Bones‘ Mighty Hut.
    Courtesy of FOX.

    as the the action (not just at Booth and Brennan’s beautiful home, but elsewhere in the episode), were nicely done: seeing the Mighty Hut destroyed mighthave been the most devastating image this season/these May Sweeps. Kudos to the show for ending on such a high note, especially emotionally, which is where the show thrives. I don’t think I’ll shake that last scene any time soon. I can’t wait to see how the show picks up in the fall, because this conspiracy stuff moves the show into exciting territory in many ways, and could be an excellent final arc if this upcoming season is its last. [But more on the show later.]

  • DANIWAH!: Veep‘s last aired episode — all HBO shows took off last weekend off, too — saw Selina’s disastrous trip to London, which included Dan’s fall from power as Selina’s , Mike temporarily being in charge, and Amy’s eventual rise to the position (after orchestrating the whole thing). It was a really funny episode with really funny moments (every “Daniwah!” had me in stitches) – I particularly loved the tag, Amy bringing down Dan (who wasn’t also doing a great job) and everything at the Ambassador’s residence (including Selina’s part, not just Mike and Gary’s). This has been a really great season for the show.
  • Of Champions and Men: Game of Thrones’ emotional scene between Pedro Pascal’s Oberyn Martell and Peter Dinklage’s Tyrion was so raw and beautiful I just loved it. Likewise, the anticipated (at least in my case) scene at the Eyrie didn’t disappoint. While things were slightly different (namely, the lack of a book character in that last scene; also “Your sister” vs. “Only Cat” ) I can’t wait to see how the storyline unfolds. That was another great scene. (Regarding “Your sister”, I think it’s because most people who watch the show have no idea that Lysa and Cat were sisters, or didn’t make the connection right away.)


Odds and Ends.

  • Reality Roundup (Idol edition): it was a good finale, right? Despite just watching most performances (especially those from the result show), I though it was a strong finale. The Caleb vs. Jena race was close, and it’s true Caleb has been consistent. Congratulations to him!
  • Reality Roundup (Masterchef Edition): Oh yes. I also watch Masterchef. I know lots of people disliked the fact the show skipped the audition rounds and we started with the Top 30 but I’m sorry — I dislike the audition rounds and their blatant emotional manipulation: these people have to win me over with their attitudes and their abilities; I don’t need three hours of that. I was surprised the episode only narrowed it down to 22, but I like some of the people we got to know better (vs. those who didn’t get any on-screen time that got to the top 22). However, Stay At Home Dad from Malibu… don’t. I don’t like you, but please don’t become the Krissi of this edition; actually, I’d love it if no one became an equivalent to her.
  • Performer of the Week: this is a hard choice, as there has barely been tv from the last time and I’d love it to hand it to someone from every show I’ve watched but I think I’m handing this to Emily Deschanel and her emotional work on the Bones season finale. I would love to list down everything I loved in the episode’s first half but it was during the second half she shone: whether it was that “goodbye” or everything at the hospital, Deschanel made Brennan’s defeat and helplessness look effortless. However, that last scene, in which she finds her husband wrongfully cuffed to the bed and is unable to get to touch/talk to him is heartbreakingly haunting. I still can’t shake the screams.
  • Actors that Become Directors: Because I can’t stop talking about Bones, I’ll keep on rambling about it! But as much as Deschanel’s work in front of the cameras was absolutely stunning, there is something to be said about her co-star: not only does David Boreanaz hold his own against her (I consider them to
    David Boreanaz, director. Courtesy of FOX.

    David Boreanaz, director.
    Courtesy of FOX.

    be a great team whose chemistry is still strong) but he also has a gift to shoot her beautifully while getting some really strong, emotional performances out of her. Boreanaz has always been a fantastic director who highlights the characters and their relationships with each other really well, and this episode is no exception. Yes, this also comes from the scripts but he just complements the writing and is particularly adept at translating (and elevating) the emotion from the page to the screen. This episode had particularly emotional scenes that were shot really well (the hospital scenes are proof of this, as are the handholding shots showing Booth and Brennan’s strong bond and support for each other), but props to him for making the Booth-Delta Force fight edge-of-your-seat exciting — even if we knew the outcome. It was fantastically and cleverly shot. A talented fella he is.

  • I feel bad leaving out Cosmos, so I won’t. I loved the way it talked about how life transmits itself much like writing — because the latter is the way we live on (and as someone who recently read that epic, I loved the references to Gilgamesh). It also presented many possibilities, many unlikely, on how we will live on. There were also nabs at the lack of action regarding climate change, but the first idea was just lovely and what has stayed with me, two weeks later.
  • Just in (sort of): CBS has confirmed the cast for the 25th season of The Amazing Race, which saw a return to the original NYC line (this time, in Times Square) — at 3 am in the morning. The cast includes a pair of dating pro wrestlers, a Survivor couple and “Soul Surfer” Bethany Hamilton and her husband. Check them all here.
  • Housekeeping: Since we are now out of the usual season, these posts will also be more scattered. I’ll definitely check in when all cable shows are done. Plus: Orange is the New Black is back on June 6; Suits, on June 11; and Masters of Sex, on July 13. There are also some pieces in the works, but it all depends on unpredictable life things.

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