Weekly Roundup May 10-May 16

Weekly Roundup

In today’s edition – as always, slightly later than we’d like to – there is some gushing regarding a great scene on last Sunday’s Game of Thrones, talk about the Arrow and Trophy Wife finales, and quickly check in on a few other shows.

  • Game of Thrones: Tyrion’s breakdown was just So. Fantastic. The whole trial was a great sequence; I love that the second half of the episode was spent on it and King’s Landing. I liked seeing Margaery’s reactions, since she knows he’s innocent and Shae… oh, Shae. But instead of rambling about how spectacular the whole monologue/rant is, why don’t you watch it yourself? 
  • Reality Roundup, TAR edition: I loved this leg a lot; it was fun and enjoyable and I truly didn’t know how it would go down. The task was fun, and seeing the Afghanimals enjoying it so much was the best. The roadblock was appropriately hard but also very entertaining. (Welsh is apparently difficult.) The Detour was also very entertaining, but it was the ‘getting everywhere’ part what had me biting my nails.  In the end, this episode was so close it came down to just getting to the destination in a timely manner and choosing to turn left instead of right. Jen and Caroline would’ve won had they not gotten lost at the end (I am back to liking them a lot! they were good in this leg). The Afghanimals got lost on their way to the Welsh aqueduct and then again, to the mansion, and finally, after finishing the detour in time to just have the edge on Brenchel. Dave and Connor got lost in Liverpool. (I don’t blame them, since that had to be a long drive from London.) Anyhow, can’t wait to see the finale in Vegas. I know Phil is teasing it as one of the closest races to the mat ever.
  • Trophy Wife: While the finale wasn’t anything particularly special (and wasn’t, by any means, one of the better episodes this season), I’m sad to see this show go. It was a delight every week and I loved how quickly it found itself. What’s remarkable, to me, is that it had a fairly large cast but utilized everyone well (even Natalie Morales’ Meg was well-served by the end), while displaying their amazing chemistry. I know I could say this about a couple more comedies ABC cancelled but, let’s not go there. This week, there were fun moments, but not as much as it could have had. However, that last scene at the hotel room was just perfect and a nice way to end the season. (The tag was nice, but the hotel was obviously better.) Farewell, Trophy Wife. How I wish ABC had given you a good chance.

    Arrow's Stephen Amell. Courtesy of The CW.

    Arrow‘s Oliver Queen/The Arrow (Stephen Amell).
    Courtesy of The CW.

  • Arrow: Oh. My. Arrow‘s finale was action-packed. The “I love you” felt like a ruse to me from the beginning, but there is undoubtedly some truth to that statement no matter what the two people concerned say. (Felicity’s face at the mansion was adorable.) I want to highlight the fight scene: the stunt work was absolutely fantastic and so was editing the past and present Oliver vs. Deathstroke fights. I also liked the League and the Suicide Squad coming together to fight the Mirakuru army: again, those were pretty cool action scenes. I didn’t particularly buy the ‘passing the torch’ moment between the Lance sisters, but I can live with the choice. (I’ve grown to like Laurel quite a bit.) Overall, I’ve felt this second season was very strong and had some great episodes. (I didn’t feel a sophomore slump at all!) I think the ending sets up an interesting third season. Plus, Flashback!Oliver in Hong Kong? I want to know more.
  • Reality Roundup, Idol Edition: Only watched a few performances this week after hearing about it all. I had the feeling Alex Preston would go home, but wanted to believe it wouldn’t happen. (I know he had the same feeling.) Alas, it came true and it’s a damn shame. Not only had he become my favorite, but he also had the best performance on Wednesday, for me. His Pompeii was great, and showcased his drumming skills, while Stay was just simply gorgeous. His reprise wasn’t my favorite, though. (I think Jena’s Creep was good, but she needed a good performance.) I also give him props because I know he was sick, and unlike Caleb’s, we only knew because of his tweets. Farewell, Alex. Your exit performance was stunning and I look forward to hearing what you do next. I think you’re headed for great, great things.

Odds and ends

  • Good lord, she’s truly everywhere: It’s a good time to be Laura Spencer! I knew her as Jane Bennet in the great online adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries – and I’d also seen her in those Skittles ad earlier this year. (I am pretty sure she’s done some work on some other internet shows, too.) But she’s now on both The Big Bang Theory as Raj’s girlfriend and on Bones, as the new squintern who’s developing an interesting relationship with Sweets. (Is it me, or isn’t she like a younger, but much less awkward and more perky, Brennan?)
  • Best Musical MomentIdol’Alex Preston’s “Stay” was fantastic. He put his own mark on it, and I love it — the choice to add a string quartet is just great. (I don’t recall the original having it, but I might be wrong.) His ‘ohhs’ go from falsetto to his usual range, and they’re awesome. There are a million things more I could add.
  • Performer of the Week: You know, I’d start rambling and trying to build the suspense but why bother? You can watch why Peter Dinklage is this week’s honoree. In a week full of great performances (thanks to the Sweeps magic), he stood out and possibly had his best episode this season. He might not have
    Orphan Black's Helena (Tatiana Maslany) and Sarah Manning (Maslany). Courtesy of BBC America

    Orphan Black‘s Helena (Tatiana Maslany) and Sarah Manning (Maslany).
    Courtesy of BBC America

    had a lot to do in the first half of the episode, but he stole the second. He’s a lock for an Emmy nomination, but possibly for the win, right?

  • Even though I didn’t mention it above, Orphan Black had another intriguing effort. I liked the reveal that it was Cal the one who crashed his car against Daniel and Sarah’s. I also can’t wait to see more of Alison in rehab. The reveal about the LEDA honchos being Rachel’s adoptive parents, and how Cosima’s assumptions were totally off, at least compared to the adorable family videos Sarah found, were equally surprising and good. Helena’s escape was great, though the ending was a good kind of unsettling — just like everything the Proletheans do — and her saving Sarah was the best part of the episode.
  • Veep‘s use of Christopher Meloni was just great: he blended into this universe as Selina’s personal trainer so well, and I enjoyed his character a lot. Moreover, Dan’s failure (mostly off-screen at that) highlighted Amy’s character — her scenes with Selina and Gary were great, and Anna Chlumsky shined in this episode. The ensemble also sparkled here, and on top of Meloni’s trainer we have Catherine and Minna Hakkinen’s returns to enjoy: both roles are delightful, as always: the former’s instinctual punch and the latter’s well-meaning screw-ups in this episode were some of the highlights for me. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the last couple of episodes of the season.
  • May Sweeps: What I said last week about how there are as many people ‘dying’ as ‘job resignations’ in this May Sweeps period still holds true: 26 vs. 25 (*) — a close race. Let’s see what the final week brings us, apart from a long, interminable summer of wondering about the fate of our favorite characters. [* – Don’t think TVLine has taken into account every single one but it’s close.]
  • Notable Dates to Keep in Mind: CBS Sundays have their finales this week — The Amazing Race at 8, The Good Wife at 9 and The Mentalist at 10. … Bones promises to have a ‘crazy intense’, ‘torturous’ (for the characters…or us, as well?) and ‘explosive’ season ender this Monday, May 19, at 8/7c, that will change the landscape of the show for the foreseeable future. … Warehouse 13 ends its run on Monday at 9/8c. … Supernatural ends its ninth season on Tuesday, May 20, at 8/7c; Idol also ends this season on Wednesday (but also has a show on Tuesday) and so do a bunch of shows. … As always, for a handy grid, TVLine’s the best.
  • The Hunger Upfronts Games: Networks have announced where in the week and at what time their fall shows will air. We’ve also gotten shiny new trailers for new, upcoming shows. Do you have any DVR conflict? And what are you planning to watch?

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