Weekly Roundup April 27-May 2

Weekly Roundup

I admit I haven’t really had time to watch a lot of TV this week — exam week is the worst. Long story short, I’m at last free… So why don’t I give you an even lengthier roundup that includes things I haven’t really watched? Here we go.

  • Orphan Black: Alison finally realized Donnie is her monitor! He doesn’t seem to have a clue she’s onto him, so that should be fun. (Moreover, should we be worried about her growing pill and alcohol addiction?) Plus, Sarah is reunited with Kira –  Mrs. S took her and staged it like an abduction for her protection. Where do you think Mrs. S’ loyalties lie: with Sarah, as she claimed, or someone else? I personally think she’s telling the truth; she was unaware of her old alliances having turned. Et tu? What do you think about Mrs. S, Alison and the rest of Clone Club this week?
  • Game Of Thrones: Finally revealed the whodunnit! We knew Littlefinger was involved somehow, but were you surprised by the Olenna reveal? I personally think they hinted at her involvement in ways that were so subtle they went over people’s heads if they were unaware of the story. But she seemed like the most obvious answer if you knew of her part in the murder of Joffrey. Her conversations with Sansa, both in the wedding feast and last season’s “he’s a monster” scene, were particularly telling.
  • Arrow once again had a good episode in the aftermath of Moira’s death. I enjoyed how it focused on Oliver’s absence and his headspace, and how we also got to see a Laurel I am liking more (finally). I liked her idea and usefulness regarding Sebastian Blood. Her working with Team Arrow (and Oliver) is something I greatly appreciated as well – it gives her something to do and what she’s uncovered helped move the story along. The cliffhanger was mean, but I’m interested in seeing where they go from there. (By the way, Sara’s “old friend” from last week is totally her, right?)
  • Fan Favorites Jet and Cord, during April 28’s episode of “The Amazing Race.” Courtesy of CBS

    Reality Roundup, TAR Edition: The Amazing Race had a non-elimination leg this week, and it felt that way for the whole episode. (At least it did for me.) I might or might not know the order of elimination, so the order throughout the episode supported those clues. Anyways, is it me or is anyone who isn’t the Cowboys and, gasp, Brenchel, unlikeable? I won’t stand for bullying and I don’t know where the line between what Dave/Connor are doing blurs from strategy into harassment. (The Blondes, however? Sigh.) I do like the Afghanimals, and appreciate they’re in this “Accidental Alliance” because they know that the other two teams are potentially weaker racers: if this eliminates the other teams they don’t want in their possible final leg, then so be it. (It’s a smart move!) The Blondes do irk me — they have barely done anything by themselves all season, and based on things I’ve read, that was what happened in their season. Kudos to them for getting other teams to help them, yet I can’t help but want them gone at this point. Their attitude combined with the fact they haven’t fended for themselves is not something I enjoy very much.

  • Cosmos: Expect a post about everything when the whole show is over, but I thoroughly enjoyed last Sunday’s episode. I loved that it touched on supernovae and hyper novae — the death of stars is a topic that’s always fascinated me, as has stellar evolution. But what I really, really loved? The focus on fantastic ladies who were overlooked (and still are) in our history who contributed so much to expanding knowledge on stars’ spectra. I continue to be mesmerized by the show and its storytelling. Not bad, Seth MacFarlane. Not bad.

Odds and ends

  • Cameo/Guest Star of the Week: I don’t think anything was as buzzy this week as Isaiah Washington’s return to Grey’s Anatomy after his much publicized firing in June 2007. Did you enjoy seeing Burke again? Was the Cristina/Burke chemistry there, and did you like their interactions, including his offer to her?
  • Performer of the Week: This almost feels like cheating, but she’s So. Good. Tatiana Maslany makes me forget she’s playing several very different but very interesting women in the same TV show and I’m in awe of her. This week, I am highlighting her portrayal of Alison, who sees her world shaken as she finds out about her husband’s betrayal (and dresses up as Holly Golightly for Aynsley’s funeral), and feels vulnerable and insecure. Moreover, it doesn’t help that Felix is on the run with Sarah now and everything is in shambles for her. I can’t believe this is the same woman who plays Sarah, or Helena. Every single of these clones has a different shtick and specificity that makes them feel fully fleshed out. Kudos.
  • Memorable Music: I don’t watch Grey’s regularly but I know it is using covers of 80s hits as their soundtrack. I haven’t kept up with them, but I really liked this week’s cover of “Like a Virgin” by Amos Lee. I still remember that this is the song Cristina sang in the morgue when she was trying to get over his leaving her at the altar. Thus, the fact that it played during Burke’s return was a very nice way to bring things full circle… and I love it when things come full circle.
  • American Idol XIII’s Top 5. Courtesy of Fox.

    Reality Roundup, Idol Edition: I expressed frustration last week, but I generally felt like this week was better. Yet, “America’s Request” could have been “Easy Listening Night” for the most part. (Is “America” really that dull?) I missed the first half of the show, but I thought Alex and Caleb did a good job in their second numbers. But Thursday’s “twist”… eh. I am glad a couple of the judges did vote “no” because, while eliminating two next week would certainly be exciting, the stakes are also too high. Moreover, I dislike it when a show with a set of rules (a “save” that can be used on one contestant up until a certain week is all you get to save you from elimination — it gives America the choice!) changes them up arbitrarily in the middle of the competition. I have to wonder what brought on this rule change: a favorite (Jena, perhaps?) in the bottom two? Wanting to keep Sam another week, even if he had been saved once? I get the feeling he knew his time was up and welcomed the break. Farewell, Sam. I did like you.

  • Actors that Become Directors: I haven’t watched Elementary since before Christmas Break (and missed some of its most well-praised episodes) but I was able to this week! Lucy Liu directed it and, as a result of being behind on the show, wasn’t featured in a lot of the plot, but I thought she did a fairly good job behind the camera. As I will likely say again in the near future, I actually really like when actors direct episodes, especially if their talent behind the camera is discernible — I think Liu definitely has a lot of potential. (This tweet is something I can understand — a good choice if it was her first. I know the plot was frustrating at times, yet I still enjoyed the Holmes’ brothers’ relationship thanks to this.)

    From Lucy Liu’s twitter page.

  • May Sweeps/What’s to come: I didn’t get to watch any finales this week, but I know The Following recently ended its second season and I’m vaguely aware of what the cliffhanger is. … I also knew Burke was back on Grey’s and I like what I’m hearing about Cristina’s endgame. … Forgive me if I’m wrong, but both CBS and the CW have aired their respective series’ backdoor pilots on NCIS, CSI and Supernatural as of this week, right? What were your thoughts on them? …  I am not ready for the network season to end, but I’ll definitely check into New Girl and The Mindy Project‘s finales next week. I’ve already heard good things about the latter that definitely have me intrigued. … Glee‘s own Chris Colfer penned the penultimate episode of the season, airing on Tuesday (at 8/7c, on FOX).
  • Other Notable Dates to Keep in Mind: Did you know that 24 IS COMING BACK?!?! (24: Live Another Day premieres on May 5, at 8/7c on FOX, FYI.) Because I do!  I’ve actually lost count of how many times I’ve seen that promo on FOX. … I don’t think next week is very heavy on the finale side, but the week of the 12th is, so get ready to episodes likely building up to that! … ABC would like you to know next week’s episode is the one before Grey’s Anatomy‘s Cristina leaves the show for good. (If this was confusing, try watching their promos.).

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